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Andrita Media Center uses ScheduALL for production resources

Andrita Media Center, an HD production facility in Los Angeles, has deployed the ScheduALL Enterprise Resource Management system to handle booking and management of its facilities, resources and personnel. The system also generates client invoices from this information.

The center is a 106,000sq-ft HD facility fully equipped to provide a one-stop-shop for production professionals. The campus includes three TV production stages; two HD/SD production control rooms; a radio studio; and office, dressing, editing (including 40 edit bays) and support facilities.

Prior to using ScheduALL software, Andrita used a combination of basic desktop applications to schedule and manage the facility. The invoicing, accounts receivable and client data also were handled with separate systems.

At Andrita Media Center, ScheduALL automates all aspects of a client project, creating a seamless workflow beginning with the scheduling of various production and post-production resources. Throughout this process, ScheduALL captures and tracks necessary data such as billable hours spent in a given facility. The software also eliminates redundant data entry and automatically feeds the data into the accounting process for final invoicing upon the project's completion. At every stage in the project, Andrita personnel can access the central view of all key project information to make decisions based on real-time data for bookings, hours spent and costs incurred to date.

Recently, the facility expanded its ScheduALL system to include the Media Manager module, which will allow Andrita to organize, store and track its media assets as they move through the workflow. Fully integrated with the ScheduALL software suite, Media Manager manages work orders, trafficking, shipping and duplication areas of the system.

The media center was acquired in April 2008 by Broadcast Facilities.

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