Amino introduces HDMI-only IPTV set-top box

Amino launched the AmiNET130M, a completely digital HD IPTV set-top box, at the NXTcomm conference in Las Vegas last week.

With HDMI as the only available TV connection, the AmiNET130M offers inexpensive, simple installation. For any service provider whose primary proposition is HD, the AmiNET130M lowers the cost of connecting a customer.

The AmiNET130M retains all of the benefits of its AmiNET130 sister STB, including offering service providers the ability to deliver end-to-end digital HDTV as a multicast or on-demand multi-room video experience. Like the AmiNET130, the AmiNET130M supports MPEG-4.

Measuring 4.48in wide and 1.37in high, the AmiNET130M comes in a sleek and distinctive black extruded case.

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