Altinex releases new A/V connectivity package

Altinex has released the new SP300-100 A/V connectivity package. Comprised of an Altinex TNP128 Tilt ‘N Plug Jr. interconnect box, a VP500-100 HDMI-to-VGA converter and an MX2106AV 2 x 1 auto-switcher, the SP300-100 provides a single AV, data and power access point that can also support VGA and HDMI computer sources and output them to the display device as a VGA image with audio follow.

The Altinex TNP128 Tilt ‘N Plug Jr. interconnect box incorporates a female VGA (15-pin) connector, an HDMI V1.3 connector, a female 3.5 mm audio jack, an RJ-45 – CAT 6 Ethernet port and a grounded, 90-120V AC power connector. These ports facilitate analog connections for picture and sound, such as when patching a notebook computer (VGA plus audio out) into a presentation system or HDMI for newer machines. Similarly, the RJ-45 port enables access to data on one’s corporate network. Bezels for these tabletop interconnect units feature an anodized black matte finish or brushed aluminum finish.

Working in the background, the Altinex VP500-100 HDMI-to-VGA converter receives the digital (HDMI) signal from the TNP128 and converts the audio and video feeds before passing them on to the Altinex MX2106AV 2 x 1 auto-switcher. The Altinex MX2106AV is the third link in the setup, and this unit outputs the analog audio and video (VGA) signals to the audio system and projector/video display.

The new SP300-100 package is designed to ease the integration of older, analog equipment with new digital products, with an eye toward aesthetically pleasing presence in presentation rooms. In addition to the TNP128 Tilt ‘N Plug Jr. interconnect box, the VP500-100 HDMI-to-VGA converter and the MX2106AV 2 x 1 auto-switcher, the new Altinex SP300-100 A/V connectivity package includes a 3ft VGA cable, a 3foot 3.5 mm stereo audio cable and mounting hardware. Availability is scheduled for August 2010.