Algolith debuts signal conformity monitor

Algolith launched its new Algogear Signal Conformity Monitor, a testing tool for television studio labs to quickly and conveniently monitor video images and compare the differences in an image after some processing.

When receiving video signals and running them through processes such as encoding, decoding, transport or analog to digital conversion, image degradation will occur, according to Jacques Patry, director of product development at Algolith. When encoding or decoding, broadcasters can compare a processed feed with its original.

The Signal Conformity Monitor provides broadcast engineers a quick visual representation of the difference between the processed and original image. With the built-in Algogear Video Delay, the before and after images are aligned in time for precise image comparison. The resulting display (on one side of the split screen) is a characterization of the difference between the same image, giving a quick visual map of the discrepancies. The other side of the split screen is available to view the original image, helping users pinpoint problem areas, further facilitating the process of improving image quality before it goes to air.

The Signal Conformity Monitor SCM-1001-MD is part of the Algogear line of FPGA-based video processing solutions.