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AirTies partners with BeeSmart over OTT

AirTies, the wireless networking and STB vendor, has integrated BeeSmart middleware with its STBs to support interactive TV services. The new box supports live video streaming, video on demand and value-added services like social networking and other interactive TV applications, which can be finely tuned to the needs of OTT and IPTV service or content providers.

The integration work was initiated mainly in response to customer demand for a STB offering support for live video streaming for the OTT market, facilitated by AirTies' support for adaptive bit rate technology, according to the company. The development also included vector graphics (SVG) technology from UI and Web browser specialists Ekioh, which offers optimised high-quality graphics regardless of screen definition.

In addition to offering support for Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and Microsoft Smooth Streaming, the platform also supports AirTies' patented mesh-based wireless networking, fast channel change, simple one-step user set-up and administration, pause live TV, PVR using internal or external USB drive, and media sharing using SAMBA or Universal Plug and Play (UPnP).