AEA introduces A440 Big Ribbon microphone

At the recent AES Europe show in Amsterdam, AEA made available the A440, a high-performance, phantom-powered microphone. Inspired by AEA’s 40 years of experience with ribbon mics, the new model is said to have the greatest useable dynamic range, and the lowest self-noise, of any ribbon microphone manufactured today.

At the low frequency end, the A440 delivers bass with effortless authority. It has a flat frequency response and holds an accurate polar pattern down to 20Hz. The A440 has a smooth and articulate midrange, and at the high end, transients are quick and detailed without hard edges, with classic ribbon warmth. The polar pattern is a classic figure eight (bidirectional) with a 90-degree null.

Design features include JFET active electronics, pure aluminum ribbon, a cast bronze yoke and 132.5dB SPL handling (1kilohm load) and 6dB SPL noise level (A-weighted) for a dynamic range of 126.5dB and an 88dB signal-to-noise ratio. The mic takes 48V phantom power via 3m integral XLR cable. Each A440 is hand-built, computer-matched to AEA reference standards and comes with a storage case, stand adapter and a three-year warranty. Options include custom cable length and laser engraving.

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