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Advantech Wireless announces replacement promotion

Advantech Wireless has announced a special replacement promotion that provides a credit of up to $1000 for an old TWTA toward the purchase of a replacement SSPA or BUC.

Solid state amplifiers provide more usable power, greater linearity, intermod and phase noise performance with no need for linearizer.

Whether the application is DSNG, teleports or DTH, Advantech Wireless has a complete solution portfolio. For small to medium power, the company’s solution uses hybrid GaN-GaAs technology that allows double the RF power and reduces energy consumption by up to 50 percent.

In addition, GaN exceeds by several orders of magnitude the performance of previous generation TWTA technology and generates less heat.

SSPAs based on LDMOS or GaAs technology continue to be the preferred solution for medium to high power applications, such as teleports or video uplinks.

The promotion runs through Sept. 30.