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Advancements in billboard technology take roadside digital signage to the road

A new product offering released recently is aiming to give outdoor advertising firms a way to replace lost billboard space with smart billboards. Applica has released its new SmartAVI technology, which when combined with widescreen HDTVs, allows advertisers to promote products in a wider variety of high traffic locations.

As more of the once-ubiquitous highway billboards are banned, advertisers are replacing lost space with ads on municipal buses, taxis and sidewalk kiosks. SmartAVI delivers HD video signals from a back office to HDTVs up to 1000ft away. Shopping malls can be equipped with a SmartAVI video server that controls more than 50 HDTVs, each running dozens of advertisements from a single Windows desktop computer.

Any clerk capable of scanning bar codes at a cash register can operate the SmartAVI’s menu system. Advertisements can be setup to run in continuous loops on any or all of the HDTVs. Continuous loops can be edited to include a variety of advertisements, including simple photos of a product, scrolling ticker-tapes or widescreen movie trailers, with or without sound. Advertising agencies servicing multiple shopping malls, retail stores and other venues can control SmartAVI servers from remote locations by using Internet connections. Ads can also be added, deleted, replaced or re-organized without having to make a trip to the mall or replacing bulky billboards or posters.

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