Adobe launches Flash Lite 3

Adobe Systems has announced the availability of Adobe Flash Lite 3 software, which now supports Adobe Flash Player-compatible video and enables the delivery of dynamic Web content on mobile devices.

Flash Lite 3 allows mobile device manufacturers, operators and content providers to give users the ability to watch Flash Player-compatible video and browse Flash-enabled Web sites when integrated with a mobile Web browser. In addition, it more closely replicates the desktop experience delivered by Adobe Flash Player, allowing for easier access to content. Developers can use it create more engaging applications, interfaces and mobile assets that integrate video, as well as develop mobile assets such as wallpapers, screensavers or desktop games.

Adobe Flash Lite runs on multiple platforms, including S60 on Symbian OS (second and third edition), QUALCOMM BREW 2.x/3.x and Microsoft Windows Mobile 5, in addition to embedded operating systems on a variety of OEM platforms.

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