ADC Unveils New Fiber Patch Panel

ADC has announced the addition of a new product to its line of signal management tools. This is the ProPatch Fiber Optic Panel; and according to ADC, it is the first such device specifically targeted for broadcast users.

"Five years ago, broadcasters might see two or three fibers in an on-location truck or broadcast office," said Dean Rosenthal, ADC’s market manager for its Broadcast and Enterprise Solutions division. "Now they may encounter hundreds or more in some extreme applications like the recent political conventions last fall. That increasing need for more bandwidth is urging many broadcasters to shift away from copper and embrace the efficiency of fiber optic cable feeds."

The new product was designed to mount in standard broadcast equipment racks and features a front panel that mounts flush with the rack so as to minimize physical contact and damage. The front-mounting fiber optic patch panel is a departure from previous fiber patching devices that had to be accessed from the rear of equipment racks.

"Helping broadcasters migrate their copper-heavy networks to fiber through management tools like the PPF panel underscores ADC’s history of evolving with our customers to help them deliver the cutting-edge data, video and voice services that consumers have come to expect," Rosenthal said.