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Actus Digital Creating Clips for India’s Aajtak

BRUSSELS—Eyeing to repurpose its television content for republishing online, India news network Aajtak has brought in Actus Digital to provide a clip creation workflow. The tool provided by Actus Digital was its Actus Clip Factory platform, which records all Aajtak IP transport streams and publish clips from the TV broadcast to the Aajtak website quickly after airing.

The Actus Clip Factory is designed for broadcast linear recording and live clips creation for social media and OTT. The workflow includes record, extract, edit, transcode and delivering capabilities. In addition to its promise of quick delivery, Clip Factory can add any metadata, overlays, graphics, pre/post roll, transcode the clips to any format and distribute the clips to any destination. Clip creation workflow can be done manually or automatically.

According to Actus CTO Raphael Renous, Aajtak is using the Actus Clip Factory to create more than 10,000 clips per month.