4G wireless transmission delivers live shots for Match Race Germany competitors

At this year’s Match Race Germany sailing championships in May on Lake Constance, video was processed by Teracue H.264 ENC-200 encoders and DEC-200 decoders and transmitted live from competitive boats via Alcatel-Lucent 4G LTE technology.

Each sail boat was equipped with a Teracue H.264 encoder, which processed the video signal from an onboard video camera. The live signal was encoded in real time and broadcast via the LTE network as an IP stream with an LTE radio cell. Inside a mobile production studio on-site, the video signal was decoded by a Teracue decoder. The decoder’s SDI output signal was then delivered to the director of the production as a broadcast source.

The Teracue encoder was selected for the application because of its small size and efficient use of battery power. The ENC-200 encoder requires, at full encoding load, only 3.5W and 5V.

See Teracue at IBC Stand 9.303.