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360 Systems includes PAL video indexing in 2470 Broadcast Time Delay

The 2470 Broadcast Time Delay software from 360 Systems now supports PAL video indexing. Throughout much of Europe, the aspect ratio of displayed images is controlled through the transmission and reception of video index signals. The 2470’s new software allows active format description and aspect ratio data to be passed through with frame accuracy.

Designed to compensate for time zone differences, the 2470 can be programmed to any delay interval required, from 20 seconds to more than 24 hours. The 2470’s features include embedded audio, AES/EBU and analog audio, SDI and composite video, and all VBI data. The server is capable of maintaining single-frame accuracy over an infinite time period and features a multidrive RAID array to ensure program delivery in the event of drive failure. The 2470 also is able to restart itself in the event of power loss without user intervention.

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