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2wcom makes DVB-T monitoring easier with FlexMon DVB-T

With digital technology replacing analog broadcasting, the demands to monitor the transmission of digital systems is growing strong. 2wcom has developed a sophisticated and flexible DVB-T monitoring receiver that allows users to monitor networks at any time. The FlexMon DVB-T performs a variety of activities, including monitoring of the MPEG transport stream, validating the timing information of the Mega-frame Initializing Packets (MIP), monitoring the SFN performance and verifying the GPS reference.

The FlexMon DVB-T monitoring system will continuously monitor and validate the incoming MPEG data against the standard defaults or user-defined presets (MPEG-2 error measurement). The FlexMon DVB-T is also able to validate all timing information, to figure out general errors and to alarm when the timing errors frequently exceed the defined limits.

With the GPS reference, the FlexMon DVB-T is able to focus on SFN performance in broadcast networks. In conjunction with a receiver delay, the system can figure out synchronization error or changes down to about 1µs.

The FlexMon DVB-T is designed to keep an ear on your system and to alert you whenever things are starting to run out of limits so you can take immediate action to ensure continued coverage in your broadcasting area.