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24/7 rural cable network manages content with CET Universe server

CET Universe, a provider of technology for professional audio and video production, has supplied RFD-TV, the nation's first 24-hour television network dedicated to serving rural America, with a Constellation Andromeda server and storage management appliance to allow the engineering and production teams to perform multitiered storage management, archiving and backup functions through a single user interface.

The new Constellation Andromeda server has been installed in RFD-TV’s central operations in Nashville, TN, and is compatible with edit and storage systems, including Avid, Apple Final Cut Pro, and virtually all NAS and SAN storage systems. It allows customers to rapidly access files, sessions or archive collections, including those stored on LTO tape systems or offline by using video proxies that match time code for precise retrieval and manipulation.

Barry Watts, director of commercial operations for RFD-TV, said the value of a single interface software system that can manage all of its assets complements the network’s central operations center’s approach to running a 24-hour network in the most efficient manner possible. The entire staff can access the Constellation system for a wide range of ingest, archive and edit functions.

CET Universe, formerly the technology division of Media Distributors, introduced the Constellation Andromeda Server earlier this year. The product is a combination of the Constellation VCM asset, storage and archive management software with automated workflow capability, integrated into a customized MS Windows 7 server.

The Constellation Andromeda Server is sold standard with an onboard LTO Tape Drive and hard disk RAID-protected storage.