2016 NAB Product Review: Lighting & Batteries

Aadyntech Punch Plus VariableSince the first LED professional lights arrived at NAB Show a dozen or so years ago, the number of companies bringing LED fixtures to the show has exploded. In that time, great improvements have been made in their color rendering properties.

AAdyntech updated its Jab and Punch Plus series fixtures to output 30 and 40 percent more light, respectively, without additional power. The company also debuted The Punch Plus Variable, a new fixture that delivers the flexibility of tungsten, daylight or anything in between, without compromising output or quality of the light beam.

ARRI delivered a firmware update for its LED SkyPanel light that yields 10 new features and refinements including the ability of the fixture to replicate colors of the entire gel libraries of Lee and Rosco. It can also ape the color temperature profile during dimming of a legacy tungsten fixture.

BBS Lighting introduced its first remote phosphor light banks, utilizing the cylindrical remote phosphor lamps from its Pipeline System. The banks are available in 3- or 4-foot lengths, in 3200K, 4300K, 5600K and adjustable color models. Control is by on-fixture knobs or via DMX.

Brightline unveiled its L1.2 Series One LED studio fixture, a 108W remote phosphor lighting fixture that utilizes an intensifier to direct the light and increase output. A pair of L1.2 fixtures can be easily joined together to create a wider soft light source. Phosphor panels are available in 3200K and 5600K.

Chimera now provides the ability of its Octaplus to fit more lighting fixtures with two new speed rings. The company also rolled out light shaping products for the ARRI SkyPanel, with a full diffusion front panel, light bank body mounting, and a variety of grid sizes.

Cineo HSXChroma-Q demonstrated its Space Force LED fixtures, an octagonal replacement for existing space lights. It features tune-able color temperature from 2800K to 6300K, and its diffuse nature of output removes the need for silks or skirts.

Cineo introduced Cineo HSX, the latest member of the company’s LED Remote Phosphor line. It is a color-tunable (2700K to 6000K) soft source that provides five color presets, and puts out 25,000 lumens of light.

Dedolight, which utilizes spherical lenses in its lighting fixtures instead of Fresnel lenses, debuted its Turbo series of LED lights. With a new active cooling system, the DLED7 and DLED3 models provide nearly twice the amount of light as the fixtures they replace.

DeSisti introduced its Super LED Vari-White range of LED Fresnels which provide the ability to vary the color temperature range from 2800K to 6600K. The F6 (6-inch lens) draws 120W, and the F10 (10- inch lens) draws 180W. They are both DMX controllable and enable DC dimming for smoothness.

DoPchoice exhibited its Snapbags, Snapgrids and Butterfly grids. These light shaping accessories utilize the company’s Snap Technology to simplify their attachment to lighting fixtures as well as quick dismounting and storage.

Falcon Eyes exhibited its Professional LED Panel LP-DB600CT, a ring light with high power output for use in still or video shooting. It features adjustable color temperature ranges from 3000K to 7000K.

Fluotec launched its Vegalux 300, a powerful 12-inch 300W bicolor motorized zoom DMX dimmable studio LED Fresnel. The company also debuted the CineLight SoftLIGHT Bicolor DMX LED panel system featuring an extensive array of fixtures.

Frezzi introduced the SunLight, a bright 5600K fixture with three LED lamps, with an equivalent output of a 575W HMI while drawing just 70W. Utilizing a proprietary directional focus, the fixture focuses from a 20-degree spot through a wide beam without need for lenses.

Hive Lighting showed the 100 percent flicker-free WASP 1000 Plasma PAR Kit. Combined with a 1,000W plasma bulb is a 12-inch parabolic reflector and four HDP lens set. Plasma lighting yields high CRI color ratings.

iKan showcased three new LED Soft lights, the Rayden, Lyra and Mylo, with various models of each. The Mylo is a 45-degree 800 LED panel, small in size and ideal for news use. The Lyra provides a 110-degree beam angle, and the Rayden has a 50-degree beam angle.

K5600 rolled out new 3200K HMIs in 400W and 800W models. The company also unveiled its new Kurve parabolic umbrella, available in three different sizes. It is lit with K5600’s Joker HMI’s.

KinoFlo exhibited its Select and Diva-Lite LED fixtures, designed to provide the light properties of fluorescent light banks, but from LED tubes. The variable color temperature lights can tune their output from 2700K to 6500K and also include adjustment for Green/Magenta shift.

LightGear showcased its unique and lightweight LED lighting fixture system. The LiteMat provides evenly spaced, color-correct LEDs spread out over a large area, creating soft light without requiring diffusion.

Litepanels debuted its Astra Soft Bi-Color LED panel, a new fixture that provides the same effect as a softbox in a compact design. In addition to the color temperature agile Bi-Color model, it is also available in daylight and tungsten.

Lowel Lighting has redesigned its ViP Pro light, resulting in its just-introduced PRO Power LED. The new light replaces the tungsten bulbing with a daylight LED lamp. Many ViP Pro accessories work on PRO Power fixtures.

Mole Richardson highlighted its 1600W Tener, available in either daylight or tungsten color temperature. The focusable Fresnel fixture has a beam angle range of 10 to 55 degrees, and puts out the equivalent amount of lumens from a 10K tungsten light.

Photon Beard’s Highlight LEDNila Lighting debuted its Arina fixture, featuring a holographic lens. With a power draw of just 800W, it is designed to replace 2500W HMIs and 6000W tungsten fixtures. The fixture is available in both daylight and tungsten.

Photon Beard demonstrated its remote phosphor Highlight LED range of fixtures. Color temperature can be changed by swapping phosphor panels. Its dimming options include local control and DMX. A wide selection of accessories is available.

Rosco expanded its Silk series of LED fixtures with the Silk 110. At just over 12-inches square, it provides 2000 lumens of output. Its color temperature range is 2800K to 6500K, which along with dimming, can be controlled onboard or via DMX.

Softpanels debuted a unique LED panel fixture that has a built-in color meter. This allows the user to accurately measure the color temperature of ambient light falling on a scene so that the fixture can be tuned to match that color temperature.

Videssence now has a full line of LED Fresnels, the VN080, VN150 and VN240, drawing a corresponding 80W, 150W and 240W. They are available in both daylight and tungsten color temperature and feature local touchpad control and DMX.

Visionsmith showed its LED lamps designed to plug into the glass tungsten bulb sockets in legacy lighting fixtures. This enables a facility to re-lamp its fixtures with LEDs instead of replacing the fixtures themselves.

Zylight F8-300 LED Fresnel fixtureVisio Light introduced its B100 system of 5-inch Fresnel fixtures, featuring a diamond diffuser dome. With the Fresnel head in place, the fixtures provide a beam focus of from 28 to 53 degrees. The fixture is available in daylight, tungsten or color-agile models.

Zylight unveiled its F8-300 LED Fresnel fixture, delivering single shadow traditional Fresnel beam shaping and utilizing quantum dot LED technology to deliver excellent light quality. It is available in tungsten or daylight, with adjustable beam spread of 16 to 70 degrees.

Brute force was a major trend in professional batteries at the 2016 NAB Show, where larger capacity battery packs provide longer run-times of power hungry cameras and lighting equipment.

Anton/Bauer has answered the need for a high-capacity cine battery pack with its Li-Ion-based CINE battery packs which supply 12 amps of constant power. A built-in PowerTap is used to power any other 14V accessory.

BlockBattery introduced the 1500-INV, a powerful battery providing up to 1500W of 120V AC. It delivers pure sine wave power, and its 48V output can power camera as well as lighting equipment.

Hiro Takematsu of Motion Planet Electronic Technology gets a pitch on the IDX Duo-C95 battery from Tomo Nishikawa of IDX.

PAGlink PL150Frezzi debuted its FLB 240 battery packs, touted as the most powerful and lightest weight on-camera professional battery. It can deliver eight hours of runtime with 30W camera load, weighs just 3.1 pounds and connects directly to A/B or V-Lock plates.

IDX showed a pair of high-capacity battery packs, the 7.2V SL-VBD64 (6400mAh/47Wh) and SL-VBD96 (9600mAh/70Wh) batteries, designed to provide estimated runtimes of 130 minutes and 193 minutes, respectively. X-Tap and USB power ports are included.

PAG unveiled its PAGlink PL150 battery packs. When two of the 150Wh batteries are stacked together, it becomes a powerful 300Wh pack. It is capable of handling a 12A draw when two batteries are linked, or 8A when used individually.

Switronix introduced Hypercore Prime, a battery pack design that employs a two-part separable battery pack providing a high-capacity but air-travel-friendly battery solution. Also new is Hypercore SLIM, the first line of slim battery packs capable of handling high-draw loads, making them ideal for UAV, Handheld Gimbal, etc.