2015 NAB Satellite & Remote Review

This year’s satellite and remote lineup includes a lot of familiar names, as well as some new ones. The latest satellite gear at the show runs cooler, does more and takes up less rack space than ever before.

Microwave and bonded cellular are playing nicer together this year, in some cases by sharing the same domicile and encoder processing. IP is emerging as a leader in this category, as well as others. It doesn’t matter if you are using bonded cellular, satellite or BAS gear; IP is here.

Not to be ignored, for miniature microwave contribution, smaller packages, better quality, less heat, and lower power were the theme of the show.


John Joslin (L) of DawnCo listens to Skip Ross of WRCX explain his station’s needs for the DawnCo bandpass filters and LNBs.ACCELERATED MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES (AMT) showcased the NewsRunner 14 DSNG, Sprinter 170E C/KU Band, GM 3500 DS/ENG Van, Promaster 2500, Transit Mid-Roof ENG/KA/Dejero, and Explorer LiveU/KA. For power they fired up the new MVP Power System.

APPEAR TV featured their DVB/S2X satellite demodulators/modulators, a one-slot demodulator module with four transponders and doubling capacity to 24 per 1RU, along with ISDB-T demodulators and modulator for cable, supporting four carriers per module for terrestrial modulation.

ARTEL VIDEO SYSTEMS had a new look with its L-Band to ASI tuner demodulator, which supports dual downlink tuning, demodulation and ASI transport turnaround, and real-time ETSI 103129 Carrier ID support. New at the booth was DigiLink Media Transport Platform, which now supports L-Band demodulation capabilities.

BLONDER TONGUE unveiled the Step Scalable Transcoder-Encoder Platform, capable of performing high-quality HD/SD MPEG-2 or H.264 encoding/transcoding. Also new this year was the FlexCoder, which combines edgeQAM, off-air transcoding and IP grooming technology, as well as the HDE-4S-PRO MPEG-2 HD encoder with low latency.

DATAPATH was showing off their Cyber Security Services, tailored specifically for satellite communications.

DAWNCO brought their best C-and Ku-Band LNBs, featuring 1 dB gain compression, boosted EbNo readings on DVB-S2 and MPEG-4 satellite receivers, and a 250mA power draw. Also there, the high-gain 5.0 meter satellite antenna, low-loss DAWNflex satellite signal cable, and HEATsat electric antenna heating system.

ENENSYS TECHNOLOGIES unveiled the OneBeam ISDB-Tb solution, which helps solve the problem of not being able to use the same satellite capacity to deliver services for both DTH and DTT networks. OneBeam provides a single feed with no modification of the A/V stream and therefore very significant OPEX savings.

EVERTZ demo-ed its next-generation 7881IRD SERIES professional Integrated Receiver Decoder platform. Features include universal inputs, up to four HD-SDI decoded outputs and modular form factor.

INTELSAT S.A. introduced IntelsatOne Prism, a next-generation, IP content distribution platform and managed service that is integrated with Intelsat’s powerful global satellite fleet and IntelsatOne terrestrial network.

PEAK COMMUNICATIONS unboxed their modular, multichannel, expandable RF Line Amplifier system, which features hotswap modular design, 10-channels in 2RU, and fixed or variable amplification of RF-/IF-based signals.

QUINTECH launched the Archimedes RF Matrix Switch. The company said the new system should be stiff competition to all other RF Matrices regarding RF performance, with variable gain and tilt, DC insertion, local user interface and many other technical features. It is a smaller form, hosting a 64 x 64 configuration in only 4RU.

TEAMCAST highlighted its VYPER DVB-S/S2/S2X high-end satellite modulator, featuring low Roll-Off values down to 5 percent. The company also featured Jupiter, their OEM satellite demodulator board for professional applications. Jupiter features dual on-board demodulation, and a full set of DVB-S/S2 features.

THOMSON VIDEO NETWORKS was showing off the ViBE EM4000 Premium HD/SD encoder, offering a density of eight HD MPEG-4 AVC channels in a 1RU chassis, for a wide range of broadcast operations including satellite, terrestrial, cable, and IPTV.


News vans built by Accelerated Media Technology bask in the Las Vegas sun.ACCELERATED MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES (AMT) debuted its Genesis ENG 2/7GHz BAS Band System. It operates on broadcast licensed microwave channels; at high power, the system offers true bi-directional ENG microwave by utilizing TDD modulation to provide multiple streams on a single channel as well as full-time IFB, telephony, ASI and IP connectivity. The company also unveiled the Transit Mid-Roof ENG/KA/Dejero, Revolver Heavy Duty Microwave Positioner, XL-ANT7 7x1 High Gain Cell Antenna/Raydome and the V.I.P Ultra+ power system and mast top aiming system.

AVIWEST unpacked a specially designed backpack for the DMNG PRO video uplink system, ideal for broadcasters utilizing the DMNG PRO with a handheld camera. The DMNG PRO system can also be mounted on camera and integrates with the Cobham’s Explorer 710 BGAN Terminal. Also new is DMNG Manager, a cloud-based live video contribution management platform that controls a wide range of equipment including DMNG transmitters, smartphones using the DMNG APP, and DMNG Studio receivers.

BSI debuted the Real Freedom System next-generation, integrated wireless camera link. BSI designed the kit for demanding applications and operating environments, and for operations by a novice.

COBHAM featured the NanoVue HD receiver, a handheld tool for viewing and sharing HD video; and the Solo 8 mini transmitterm, which supports dual HD-SDI inputs and offers a 30-percent improvement in picture quality and low power consumption.

FRONTLINE COMMUNICATIONS showed three new vehicle platform configurations utilizing various power systems, a DSNG satellite transmission package, and a ENG mast system designed for large market inter-city operations.

INTEGRATED MICROWAVE TECHNOLOGIES showcased Nucomm’s VTx ENG Truck Transmitter, along with the Nucomm DR3 Diversity Receiver. Also there, Nucomm Mini Viewer, a handheld COFDM receiver/monitor, and from RF Central, the Triple Play Receiver, a 1RU ENG unit that houses up to three receivers. They also showed the Nucomm Central Integrated Radome System x6 (CIRAS-x6).

MOSELEY ASSOCIATES demoed its DTV Link-A STL/TSL, which delivers economical, single or multiple DVB-ASI streams.

NEWTEK showcased TalkShow VS-100, built upon Skype TX software from Microsoft. TalkShow VS-100 is for initiating, receiving, monitoring and managing video calls, with additional live production tools, including audio/video processing, tally and IFB.

RIEDEL COMMUNICATIONS featured the STX-200 Professional Broadcast-Grade Interface, which brings any Skype user worldwide into the professional broadcast environment.

SILVUS TECHNOLOGIES launched StreamcasterHD, a camera-mount 2x2 MNMIMO mesh radio with integrated ultra-low latency H.264 HD encoding for use with standard HD-SDI cameras. Also demoed was a wireless mesh/IP/4K proof of concept solution.

STREAMBOX showed the Streambox Drone Encoder Pro, for HD-SDI and HDMI video capture integrated into the mobile hardware for professional cameras. Drone Encoder Pro works with the Streambox Cloud and Enterprise Server to deliver superior high-definition video with low latency.

TROLL SYSTEMS featured the TrollScan Antenna System, which incorporates a 4-foot cosecant squared reflector, digital ENG receive sites and MIMO applications. Also there, the DMR Digital Microwave Receiver, which combines a DVB-T diversity receiver with a remote site antenna controller, and TouchStar Master Control Solutions for Windows or Linux.

VISLINK debuted FocalPoint, its third generation camera control unit, now supporting multiple camera and operator control panel combinations. It includes a rack-mounted indoor unit, weatherproof outdoor UHF transmitter, and compact UHF data receiver which attaches directly to the camera.


At the Comrex booth, Chris Crump (second from left) describes the company’s LiveShot to Paul Martel of Living as One (L), and Scott Stamps and David Massey (R), both from Hewlett-Packard.AVIWEST showed the DMNG PRO180-RA bonded 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and satellite video uplink system for ENG, along with DMNG RACK180, a 1RU hybrid contribution encoder; and the DMNG App, a mobile app that allows Android or iOS smartphone users to transmit video.

COMREX featured LiveShot, which delivers live bidirectional, HD video and audio over a range of IP networks for remote broadcasts. Features include full-duplex cue channel and portable lightweight design.

DEJERO unveiled Dejero LIVE+ Control for cloud-based management, and LIVE+ GoBox, a portable transmitter for ENG, using bonded cellular, Wi-Fi or portable satellite connections. Also shown were LIVE+ Cloud Server for in-the-cloud management; LIVE+ NewsBook software for Mac; LIVE+ Mobile App; and LIVE+ EnGo, a compact camera-mounted or wearable transmitter.

DVEO unveiled the Cloud-Port HD-SDI, a mobile backpack HD encoder for ENG and streaming live events. The CloudPort HDSDI streams HD-SDI, SDI or HDMI video via live wireless video and data transmission, using up to eight bonded 3G and 4G mobile networks.

LIVESTREAM launched the Broadcaster mini, designed to turn any HDMI camera into a wireless live streaming device, at up to 1080p over 5 Ghz Wi-Fi. Features include internal rechargeable Li-ion battery for more than two hours’ use, and setup/control via the free Livestream app for iOS or Android.

LIVEU brought the 1-pound LU200, available in a pouch or camera-mount, which utilizes two built-in modems and integrated antennas in a bonded solution, or can serve as a standalone video encoder for satellite integration. Also displayed was a collaboration with Panasonic’s P2HD camcorders to connect directly to the LiveU Central via the cloud.

SILVUS TECHNOLOGIES showed the MN-MIMO wireless transmission technology, and introduced the StreamCaster I/O Module, which attaches to the StreamCaster 3822 Radio, allowing SD video encoding/decoding, Wi-Fi connectivity, Push-to-Talk (PTT) audio, Bluetooth and GPS connectivity.

STREAMBOX bonding technology was at the show, including the Avenir Mini 3; the Avenir Mini 3c, which supports up to five USB modems; and the Streambox SSE, which features increased signal reception and low latency.

TVU NETWORKS unveiled the TVUPack TM8200 with integrated MIMO microwave MESH technology, enabling users to transmit live HD video simultaneously over cellular, Ethernet, WiFi and MIMO MESH networks for enhanced resiliency in areas with challenging bandwidth conditions. Also demoed was TVU Grid for IP-based video switching; TVU MLink, a rack-mounted cellular ENG solution; and TVU Anywhere, which enables TVU connectivity to iOS, Windows and Android mobile devices.

USTREAM partnered with JVCKENWOOD to provide easy, one-button access to live streaming just before the show. On hand for review were select JVC cameras with built-in HD streaming of live video via Ustream’s scalable, HD, easy-to-use video platform, including the Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) supporting JVC 4KCAM camcorders, the GY-LS300 and GYHM200.

VIDOVATION offered VidOlink Reacher Wireless HDMI HD SDI Link, with up to 300 meters with zero latency; the Ranger long-range COFDM wireless HD SDI link; Stagebox camera-back IP SDI; DMNG Pro 110 live video link via bonded cellular; and Zixi, for broadcast HD video transmission over IP.

VITEC showcased the MGW Sprint Portable MPEG-4 H.264 HD encoder, with under 10 milliseconds for encoding and decoding of up to HD 1080p60 video and audio.