2013 NAB Show product preview, part 2


Encoder/TS server bundle
VSI AVN443/PackeTV Mobile integration

VSI will demonstrate integration between its AVN443 IPTV encoder and PackeTV Mobile media streaming system to simplify IP video delivery; prior to video delivery, the encoder transforms content from SDI (SD/HD/3G) or HDMI (DVI-D with optional adapter cable) sources into full-screen, full-resolution, IP digital video in real time; after content is encoded, the PackeTV Mobile converts transport streams into HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

Booth: SU6021

Video encoder

Digital Rapids StreamZ Live 8000EX

Combines multiformat output versatility and quality with features for unique demands of broadcast, cable, telco and satellite television; features simultaneous H.264 or MPEG-2 encoding for broadcast applications and multiformat encoding for multiscreen streaming on platforms including mobile phones, tablets, PCs, IPTV and OTT services.

Booth: SL5624

Media asset management system

Tedial Tarsys

Now includes specific features for cloud-based environments and service providers as well as multi-repository and multisite support; enhanced Web-based technology features unified UI for users to access content and workflow management from a single screen; supports multiple data models.

Booth: N5833

Multipurpose broadcast analyzer
Screen Service Broadcast SSBT Broadcast Analyzer

All around systems for measurement and monitoring; suitable for lab and field; available in three flavors; simultaneous monitoring of up to four signals; RF modules for DVB-T/DVB-H, DVB-T2 and DVB-S/DVB-S2 (including support for 16 and 32 APSK); support for DVB, T2-MI, ATSC and ISDB-T/ISDB-TB specific TS characteristics; IP interface for TS and T2-.

Booth: SU4306

Partyline intercom system

Clear-Com HelixNet 1.1

New is a system linking capability, which extends digital partyline intercom communications over a network among a production’s field users, mobile trucks and studio headquarters cost-effectively and efficiently, without compromising audio quality; combines the simplicity of a traditional analog partyline intercom with the advanced network capabilities of a matrix intercom.

Booth: C8008

UHF/VHF transmitter
Screen Service Broadcast SDT ULTRA HE Series

Innovative circuit topology for transmitter grants system efficiency of up to 43 percent, with a typical value around 38 percent without decreasing performance in terms of modulation error rate and shoulders; low-loss design uses state-of-the-art components and three highly efficient power supplies; can be easily tuned on all UHF bands with simple operations on field.

Booth: SU4306

Universal I/O video switcher/scaler

TV One C2-2355A

Provides high-quality bi-directional conversion between a variety of video formats; features include DVI/RGB/YPbPr up/down/crossconverter, PIP, key, mix, stereo switch and edge blending; inputs and outputs can be SD/HD-SDI, DVI, RGB, YUV, YPbPr, composite or S-Video (YC); incoming video parameters may be adjusted.

Booth: SL9416

UHF super turnstile antenna
Jampro Antennas

Radome-enclosed antenna can be either top- or side-mounted on a tower; ideal for broadband multichannel UHF applications; features minimum wind loading with wide broadband response; ideal for applications where either one channel is defined or multiple channels are combined.

Booth: C2607

MYERS Automation Integration

When incorporated within ProTrack TV broadcast management system, it establishes a direct link between traffic and third-party play-to-air automation; provides a streamlined workflow; eliminates redundancy across departments.

Booth: N6415

Wireless transmitters

Shure FP wireless system

Flexible, intuitive components include portable receivers and XLR plug-on transmitters; built for needs ranging from reality television to event videography shoots and one-on-one interviews; incorporates Shure’s Audio Reference Companding for ultra-low noise, as well as Automatic Frequency Selection for locating and identifying open frequencies.

Booth: C2627


TC Electronic DB6

Able to handle everything regarding loudness in one process, including loudness metering at the input stage, up- and down-conversion at any stage, loudness processing, lip-sync delay, metering at the output stage and logging all relevant loudness statistics; takes 1RU of space; allows processing of up to three simultaneous SD/HD/3G streams.

Booth: C204

Video transmission app for Android
Dejero LIVE+ Mobile

Bonds multiple wireless signals to deliver high-quality video from the street to the television or Web; aggregates both the Wi-Fi and cellular connections of the iPhone, iPad and now Android devices; provides higher-quality live video transmission with lower latency than a single connection would provide; now supports interruptible foldback (IFB).

Booths: N1110

Miniature SDI switcher
BHV Broadcast Callisto Micro

Three-input SDI mixer is a broadcast specification (SMPTE-259M) 270Mb video switcher designed to fit into the smallest spaces; can handle fully asynchronous (unlocked) SDI inputs environment; offers remote control and broadside bus switching, so the unit can double as a miniature reclocking matrix.

Booth: N921

Audio analyzer
Rohde & Schwarz R&S UPP

Low cost-and high-functionality HDMI audio analyzer; supports users in various scenarios including R&D, quality control, consumer electronics and production; full HDMI 1.4a support; has built-in Dolby decoders to simplify HDMI audio analysis; formally approved by Dolby Labs as a compliance test analyzer.

Booth: SL6320

Wireless camera

IMT Nucomm Connect Live COFDM

SD/HD live-news system features a 5in, high-resolution, touch-LCD monitor designed to mount directly onto a range of small-format HD cameras; bonded 3G/4G links can be used to transport live HD video back to the station; in COFDM mode, unit coves entire BAS 2GHz band; unit is also available for the 5.8GHz non-licensed band; outfitted with a RJ45 Ethernet connector.

Booth: C6029, OE839

Broadcast management system

Interconnects traffic, scheduling, sales, engineering and IT departments; scalable suite serves as the unifying element within the broadcast operation; integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure to optimize workflow and preserve existing investments; designed to close the gaps between systems and departments.

Booth: N6415

MPEG TS monitor
Volicon Observer Mobile

Designed to provide greater flexibility, unsurpassed portability and the added convenience of accessing live Observer streaming along with back-navigation of previously recorded content from both local and remote locations; can play, pause, search and create logged content on demand using smart devices; provides broadcasters with instant access to the final broadcast product.

Booth: SU8518

Video editing system

Matrox MXO2 LE MAX

Provides broadcast-quality input, output and monitoring for leading editing apps from Adobe, Apple and Avid; turbocharges H.264 encoding for deliveries to the web, mobile devices and Blu-ray; is also a capture solution for streaming live events from wherever they are happening using Telestream Wirecast and other streaming applications, all in a portable breakout box.

Booth: SL4616

Captioning HTTP interface
EEG CCPlay FilePro

Provides users with remote triggering of encoding jobs, batch manipulation and the ability to check on the status of pending jobs; SOAP-compatible interface allows for easy integration, with sample clients provided in C#, Python, Perl, Java and C; has ability to perform caption encoding into high-res HD files at rates of 10X real-time or more

Booth: N824

Phabrix Dolby E bit-stream analyzer

Option adds significant Dolby E analysis features to the Sx range, and is available on the SxA, SxD and SxE instruments; intelligent metadata viewer comes with color coding for legal, illegal and irrelevant values; has eight-channel audio metering, along with guard band analysis; features unique closed loop testing when linked to a generator.

Booth: N4833


Monitor stacks

Custom-built to suit users’ exact requirements; can be modified or extended at a future date with little or no disruption to the existing installation; made from extruded aluminum; all wiring is contained within the uprights and horizontally within the cable trays, allowing for clean lines and easy maintenance. 

Booth: N4420

10GigE NIC

ATTO Technology FastFrame 10GbE

Delivers high-performance I/O connectivity and lossless Ethernet support for improved iSCSI block storage access; supports OSX, Windows and Linux servers and workstations; single, dual-, quad-port SFP+ configurations make for flexible design; ideal for low-latency applications; works with existing twisted pair copper cabling.

Booth: SL7613

Social media editor

Chyron SHOUT

Enables broadcasters to bring social media commentary into their live broadcasts quickly and easily; one or more users can monitor, select, adjust and route social media conversations to broadcast graphics systems either for on-air playback or for storage as data files for later use; multiple instances of SHOUT running across a facility can be used simultaneously by different staff members.

Booth: SL1010

Mask filter
Jampro Antennas RCEC

Designed to provide superior mask filter performance at an affordable price with 5kW of output power; cross coupling creates steep rejection skirts; its high-Q cavities provide low pass band insertion loss in a compact design.

Booth: C2607

Graphical software interface

Evertz VUE

Customizable graphical software interface unifies the control of various products in the broadcast chain; provides flexible and reliable control across all broadcast operations from content creation to distribution, thereby increasing productivity and reducing operating costs; designed for touch surfaces; moves operators from simple push-button panels to an interactive look and feel found in smartphones and tablets.

Booth: N1503

Router control panels
Snell Luna series

1RU panels include four LED models and two LCD models; LED panels include a high-density version with 78 button keys, 72 of which can be configured as source or destination keys for increased flexibility; LCD panels include a rotary encoder control knob for user-friendly “paging”; compatible with all current Snell routers.

Booth: N1820

Dual-channel H.264 encoder
Haivision Makito X2

Delivers 12 channels of high-profile HD 1080p60 with low encoding latency of 55ms, all within a single rack unit; with dual SDi, the unit addresses video over IP encoding anywhere on a resolution/bandwidth scale from CIF as low as 32kb/s to full HD at up to 25Mb/s; with four internal encoding cores, the unit can encode each input at up to four different bitrates and profiles for Multi Bit Rate streaming.

Booth: SL6605

Multiformat CMOS camera

Ikegami HDK-77EC2

Economical docking-style portable multiformat HD camera uses CMOS imaging sensors for 1080i/720p HD format flexibility, lower power consumption and reduced operating temperature; quickly switches between fiber or triax cable use; features fine DTL function, six-vector color corrector plus two-axis custom color, and Super Knee.

Booth: C5108

Multiple encoder platform
ViewCast Niagara 9100 series

Can be configured for a variety of video and audio inputs, including component, Y/C, composite video with balanced or unbalanced audio; designed to offer high density, exceptional performance and enhanced efficiencies; is comprehensive and adaptable.

Booth: SU7517

Online video platform
Pilat Media OTTilus OVP

Enables end-to-end OTT deployments that encompass all workflow components from content acquisition to player applications; easy to deploy and compatible with all security, streaming, device and monetization options; can be deployed as a cloud service or to drive a local OTT headend.

Booth: N6224

Picture-quality analyzer
Tektronix PQA600A

Offers picture quality analysis on HDCP-encrypted content; also provides effective modeling of how equipment changes will impact picture quality through the network, across head-end facilities to the STB; 3D-SDI interface supports the 1080p fast progressive video format (1080p50/59) and real-time video format conversion.

Booth: N609

CWDM multiplexer
MultiDyne HD-1800

Enables users to transport up to 18 HD-SDI signals per single-mode fiber; portable and easy to use; ideal for transmitting multiple high-bandwidth signals in harsh operating environments; can easily support emerging 4K applications; designed for OB, fixed facility link, cross-campus network and centralized control room applications.

Booth: C10339

Fresnel fixture
Litepanels Inca 12

Tungsten balanced fixture combines the performance of large Fresnel fixtures with the advantages of LED technology; designed to supply powerful and controllable illumination comparable to a 2K while using just a small fraction of the energy required by traditional tungsten or daylight Fresnel fixtures; emits even, collimated light that is easily controlled manually or via an integrated DMX module. 

Booth: C6425

Cross-equipment communication
TSL TallyMan

Ideal for studios, production vehicles and remote headends; provides a seamless communication path between equipment; configures hardware components to user-defined preferences; features easy mapping of Tallies, mnemonics and router paths, as well as simple drag-and-drop editing; interfaces with all known mixers, multiviewers and routers.

Booth: N1124

Four-window video processor
TV One C2-6104A

Has four DVI-U inputs to place up to four sizable windows on a single DVI-U output; a fifth DVI-U input is provided for background or cascading units; each window is powered by a CORIO 2 scaler providing full PIP flexibility; DVI-U resolutions up to 1920 x 1200@60Hz and 1080p are supported along with analog DVI-A (RGBHV/YUV/YPbPr via optional HD-15 adaptor) resolutions up to 2048 x 2048 at virtually any refresh rate.

Booth: SL9416

Video editor

EVS IPDirector

New, advanced Director’s Cut feature in IPDirector suite of video production management applications is designed to accelerate the production chain by facilitating as-live studio productions from the main video switcher and all camera ISOs, and linking it with an EDL in native formats for the most popular NLE post-production editors.

Booth: SL2416

Video quality monitor

Video Clarity ClearView Extreme 4K

Designed for broadcast product manufacturers and original television program networks that need advanced 4K audio and video quality analysis; provides highly accurate reference-based objective, subjective and perceptual analysis, including fully interactive playback of two uncompressed recordings at 3840 x 2160 at 24Hz, 23.98Hz, 25Hz, 30Hz or 60Hz progressive frame rates.

Booth: SU11004

Harris NEXIO Volt

Like its predecessor, the server offers a 1RU package with low operating costs and high levels of resilience and reliability; doubles the number of available record ports with four bi-directional HD channels (up to eight SD); designed to offer exceptional overall channel density for ingest and playout operations; its software-based codecs and software license keying provide flexibility.

Booth: N2502

HD production camera
Hitachi Kokusai Electric America SK-HD1200

Portable, hand-held version of the SK-HD2200; images are acquired by three (R,G,B) 2.3 million pixel UAIT 1080-line progressive-scan CCDs; advanced digital processing technology assures low-noise, high-dynamic range pictures; features include fiber or digital triax cable operation, external auto set-up, advanced color correction, skin tone detail, prompter power, and two intercom and IFB channels.

Booth: C4309

Media creation, connection and management
Avid Interplay Sphere

Provides connectivity for news, sports and video production; gives editors, reporters and videographers the ability to ingest, edit and move media freely between story site and production facility — whether working on a news story across town or a sporting event across the world; requires only a NewsCutter or Media Composer editor and an Internet connection to an Interplay Production workgroup.

www.avid.com (opens in new tab)
Booth: SU902


DSNG/contribution encoder/modulator
Adtec Digital EN91P

Ultra-low delay HD unit combines high-efficiency AVC 4:2:2 compression with fast processing for flexible delivery of video for time-sensitive and bandwidth-limited applications; paired with the RD-70 IRD, the unit can deliver full frame 1080p HD video and 16 channels of phase aligned audio with an end-to-end latency of three frames; when passing PCM or Dolby E audio, the latency can be reduced to one frame.

Booth: SU7602

Loudness correction tool

Offline, file-based loudness analysis and correction program designed for rapid assessment and correction of files for loudness and true-peak content to ITU-R BS. 1770- and EBU R128-based specifications.

Booth: SU8918

Wireless remote camera system

Camera Corps RF Q-Ball

Designed for use in situations where a normal cable or fiber link would be intrusive or impractical; up to 96 cameras can be operated through a single data transmitter attached to a standard Camera Corps RCP remote control panel or joystick panel; waterproofed for use in all weather; antennas can be coupled via extension cables if required.

Booth: C6032

HD encoder
Digital Rapids StreamZHD

New version of the software for the versatile multiformat, live and file-based encoding system; provides quality, flexibility, format support and efficient automation for transforming media for applications from post production and archive to live and on-demand multi-screen distribution.

Booth: SL5624


Sencore TXS 8600

Offers high-density, multi-profile encoding and transcoding for real-time adaptive-bit-rate video-streaming; designed for delivering live events to OTT viewers and building virtual multichannel cable-tier offerings for OTT video services; supports all popular codecs, containers and adaptive-bit-rate protocols needed to move content to any display.

Booth: SU2616

Web-based archive portal
SGL FlashBrowse

Web-based portal allows users to perform archive, search, browse and restore operations from any machine on network running a compatible Web browser; captures low-res proxy versions of clips as they are archived; includes a proxy viewer within the browser window so that the user can search for and view clips before restoring them.

Booth: N1520

Camera accessory
Vinten Vision bluebridge

Works with any of the pan-and-tilt heads in the Vision blue range to extend payloads, which can be perfectly balanced; works by shifting the payload range down and gives users a cost-effective option by extending the payload capabilities of their chosen blue system; this means operators effectively need one single tripod system for their shoots.

Booth: C6025

Audio monitor

Wohler AMP1-MADIe

Ideal for sports productions and other live broadcasts; can be connected in series with a 56- or 64-channel MADI stream for individual volume adjustment and audible monitoring of any eight selected MADI channels at once; is an in-rack portable MADI unit with Ethernet control and configuration; simplifies rapid selection and monitoring of MADI signals in fast-paced, live-to-air production environments.

Booth: N3729

Real-time chroma keyer
Crystal Vision Safire 3

Features a touch-screen 3U controller, as well as built-in color correction and video delay; works with 3Gb/s, HD and SD sources; gives users the option of selecting one, five or 12 sample points on the backdrop to set the range of colors to key on, as well as up to four points on the foreground object to set areas where no chroma keying is required.

Booth: N1523

Weather system
Baron Services VIPIR

Now available in an intuitive, easy to use touch-screen format; all the functionality for a VIPIR weather system — including its flexbile 3D mapping, patented tornado detection and automated storm tracking — can be displayed directly from the weather wall using onscreen tools instead of a mouse.

Booth: C8505

File-transfer software

Aspera Drive

Features integrated desktop and mobile browsing of remote files, drag-and-drop high-speed upload and download from cloud storage, and background synchronization; also provides Faspex package-based sending and delivery with automatic download of extremely large files and data sets at global distances for secure distribution.

Booth: SL10315

Technical furniture systems
TBC Consoles IntelliTrac

Off-the-floor design is engineered to allow unprecedented leg room while increasing ventilation through the body of the console; front and rear device “Tracs” allow unlimited lateral positioning of critical monitors; rack bay turrets can be easily upgraded or relocated, allowing quick, user-friendly modifications.

Booth: C8614

Video description system
Softel SwiftADePT

Allows broadcasters to increase audience reach by providing access to content for visually impaired TV viewers; offers an efficient end-to-end approach for all formats of video description.

Booth: N2531

DTV monitoring system
Triveni Digital StreamScope RM-40

Provides comprehensive, configurable and cost-effective DTV transport stream monitoring for broadcast, cable, telco, satellite and IPTV networks at local and remote sites; a web-based, color-coded user interface displays drill-down dashboards, video and audio thumbnails, charts and graphs, and detailed current and historical reports; features advanced loudness functionalities.

Booth: SU5602

7in viewfinder/field monitor
TVLogic SRM-074W

Viewfinder is a daylight-readable 1000cd/m²-max-brightness version of the popular 1024 x 600-resolution viewfinder; features lightweight (1.4lbs) yet durable magnesium alloy casing, two 3G/HD-SDI auto-sensing inputs, HDMI I/O, HDMI to HD-SDI conversion, waveform/vector scope, h/v flip, and focus assist.

Booth: SL1605

Media asset management system
Nexidia Dialogue Search

Searches for any spoken word or phrase across workgroups or massive media libraries in seconds, reducing logging and transcription costs; uncovers valuable assets that traditional metadata could never find; integrates directly with media asset management systems and editing applications.

Booth: S117LMR

2-D/3-D character/graphics generator

Chyron ChyronIP

Real-time character/graphics generator was specifically designed for the NewTek TriCaster; offers an integrated live production system with the power of a live network studio; system provides producers with up to two HD or SD full-motion channels of Chyron graphics that stream directly into the TriCaster over a network connection, without tying up any needed camera inputs.

Booth: SL1010

File-based media toolbox
Emotion Systems eVe

Serves as both a player and an XML export tool that allows pre-processing and preparation of file-based media for multi-platform authoring.

Booth: SU8603

Automated captioning system
ENCO enCaption3

Features an enhanced speech recognition engine designed to deliver closed captions in real-time and with never before seen accuracy; allows broadcasters to serve hearing-impaired audience for a fraction of the cost of traditional captioning services; is always available for live and breaking news, weather and events.

Booth: C1321

Web-based workflow management system
Orad Hi-Tec Systems iFind

Provides the ability to manage the essential elements of a professional broadcast server, graphics and archive systems from a Web browser; search, workflow and management functionality is available, which can be tailored to a station’s individual requirements to maintain a smooth day-to-day operation.

Booth: SL5709


AV mixer
Panasonic AG-HMX100

Affordable, compact unit integrates an HD/SD video switcher, audio mixer, frame synchronizer and control panel; supports SD, HD and 3D formats; designed to be an affordable live switcher for use in 3D production.

www.panasonic.com/broadcast (opens in new tab)
Booth: C3607

Wireless ENG system
Cobham MediaMesh

Uses wireless technology to enable a journalist in the field to establish quickly and simply all the technology required for a live broadcast; enables a broadcast-quality transmission path for live two-ways, the capability of controlling the camera remotely from the studio, file transfers and a high-capacity Internet connection, access to the base newsroom computer, and cell phone access.

Booth: C11126

Stagetec Nexus

Completely modular and networked via fiber optics, the digital audio network and routing system provides decentralized routing capacity while accepting almost every analog and digital signal format; other capabilities include A/D and D/A conversion, signal processing, audio format conversion, signal transmission, power amplifier control, plus intercom matrix and talkback functionality.

Booth: C2050


Path 1 PiXiE

HD encoder/decoder features a video interface with a single HD-SDI/SDI port that supports 1080i 29.97/25, 720p 59.94/50 formats; the embedded HD-SDI audio interface supports PCM formats; also features a tri-level sync/gunlock external reference and support for Gigabit Ethernet I/O; encodes, decodes and transmits video codecs at MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 - High Profile@L4, audio codecs at HE-AAC v1, and MPEG-DASH at ISO Base media live profile (up to 5 levels).

Booth: SU10121

Audio/loudness manager

Linear Acoustic AERO.2000

Up to 16 channels of AEROMAX loudness control and UPMAX upmixing/downmixing; standard AES and SDI I/O and compensating HD/SD-SDI video delay; ITU-R BS.1770 loudness metering and TCP/IP remote; optional Dolby encoding/decoding and Nielsen watermarking for all channels.

Booth: N3438

Instant replay
NewTek 3Play 425

Delivers professional instant replay with network-quality production in native HD; features a six-channel live sports sweet spot; seamlessly mixes live video with assets from a media library; compact 2RU design fits perfectly in control rooms and production vehicles; includes control surface with premium T-bar, speed presets and jog wheel.

Booth: SL4610

Sony side-mount wireless camera transmitter


Allows HD and SD transmission from the same unit; this option provides the ability to mount the LINK L1500 transmitter to the side of the Sony HDC1500 camera without compromising the camera or transmitter functionality; helps in providing greater balance of the camera and allows easier use on steady cam rigs or in hand-held operation.

Booth: C6508

External antenna
LiveU LU Xtender

Increases network reception, providing additional resiliency for live video transmission in extreme scenarios, such as heavily crowded locations; adds six additional network connections to the LU70 professional-grade backpack; covers all current 3G/4G LTE cellular network bands worldwide; the combined LU 70 and Xtender support up to 13 network connections.

Booth: SU5511

Audio console

Logitek Mosaic

Features OLED screens throughout, including screens that have been added to the Softkey module along with Selector functions; now has easier access to multicolor on/off and selection buttons and better illumination of controls; frame sizes are available for consoles ranging from four to 24 faders; consumes about one-third less power than the previous model.

Booth: C1817

Camera CCU
Grass Valley XCU

Fully compliant with all Grass Valley 3G Transmission solutions; XCU concept will serve as the core design for all future Grass Valley base stations; pre-mounted and pre-wired cradle allows for easy sliding of the SCU as needed; cradle stores previous XCU settings and automatically reconfigures the incoming unit to requirements of the production environment; XCUs are hot-swappable, and each comes with one cradle.

Booth: SL 206

Graphics production system
Harris Inscriber G8

Built for high-end graphics creation, providing uncompressed imagery, as well as graphics, animation capabilities and clip playback scalability; offers real-time creation and execution of the high-caliber, complex 3D graphics and animations that today’s liver news, sports and special events demand.

Booth: N2502

Ingest, transcoding and QC system
AmberFin iCR modules

New feature set called ORCA Activity Manager enables facilities to set up specific conditional types of transcode, ingest and QC operations; new modules include ingest and transcode to MXF AS11 and metadata support for the Digital Production Partnership; ingest and transcode to the most popular MPEG-2, XDCAM and IMX formats.

Booth: SU8505

Modular logo keyer

Crystal Vision MultiLogo V132

Provides three layers of keying from a variety of internal and external sources, including a 4GB or 8GB video store with DRAM and Flash memory which can hold up to 500 still or animated logos; up to four audio groups can now be embedded into its video outputs, and a voiceover sourced from either the internal audio stores or from an external AES.

Booth: N1523

Converter, frame synchronizer
AJA Video Systems FS2

Delivers dual-channel conversion and frame synchronization in 1RU; with two independent video and audio processors, the unit can do the work of two separate devices or combine both processors together for maximum flexibility; provides 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs and outputs, HDMI, component/composite analog, AES/EBU and analog audio I/O and direct fiber connections.

Booth: SL3816

Live production switchers
Blackmagic Design ATEM range

Feature an SDI-based design and HDMI connections; ATEM 1 M/E has eight video inputs, three aux outputs, SDI, HDMI and analog program outputs, SDI and HDMI multiview outputs, USB 3.0, and downconverted SDI and composite outputs; 2 M/E model includes the same features, as well SuperSource, 16 inputs and six aux outputs.

Booth: SL218

LED monitors

Boland SE series

SE series, ranging from 9in to 72in, offers correct and accurate color pre-calibrated at the factory to SMPTE specs; featuring slim designs, the LEDs are energy efficient and quiet; SE versions have 3G SDI, a full set of built-in scopes and audio de-embedding.

Booth: SL5305

Video switches
Fujitsu XG series

Offers high-performance and high-speed Layer 2 switching; features ultra-low latency, flexible interfaces and compact form factors; ideal for enterprise storage and video server applications, high-performance computing and the Internet SCSI and network-attached storage markets.

Booth: SU7911

Matrix switchers

Now include 8 x 8, 16 x 16 and 32 x 32 enclosures; all frames can contain a moix of both DVI and DisplayPort input boards combined with DVI, ELR and 1FO output boards; up to 32 inputs can be routed to any 32 outputs using DVI, HDBaseT or fiber-optic outputs; 8x ELR boards extend eight outputs up to 100m using one Cat 5 cable per display; 8x 1FO boards extend eight outputs up to 330m using one fiber-optic cable per display.

Booth: 3824

Graphics playout

Miranda iTX Render Service

Automates and manages rendering of Adobe After Effects projects into fully finished graphics, ready for playout from an iTX integrated playout platform on Miranda’s Vertigo graphics processors; benefits include the removal of creative limitations within an Adobe After Effects authoring tool and the ability to publish those complex, rich graphics on multiple channels from a single source.

Booth: N2513

Remote-mounted beacon receiver

Peak Communications RTR50

Designed to provide a cost-effective solution to tracking and measuring CW satellite beacon signals from commercial satellites; engineered for telemetry and control applications, including uplink power and antenna tracking control; features fast signal acquisition and locking (3 seconds).

Booth: SU6905


Scan converters
Ensemble Designs BrightEye Mitto

New high-resolution support for line of BrightEye Mitto high-performance scan converters; new software supports 1920 x 1920 pixel images; converters provide ultra high-quality conversion from computer video to SDI video; computer video is converted to serial digital SD, HD and 3Gb/s on BNC electrical or fiber-optic outputs.

Booth: N2524

Li-ion battery

Anton/Bauer DIONIC HD

183Wh Li-ion battery delivers up to 10A; ideal for powering high-current digital cinema cameras; weighs 40 percent less than a NiCad or NiMH battery; has 25 percent more capacity and will run a 30W camera, monitors and multiple accessories for more than six hours; RealTime display incorporates readouts of hours, minutes and remaining capacity.

Booth: C6025

Audio I/O hardware
Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems Ri8-D and Ro8-D

Separate 1RU hardware components use Dante audio network protocol; provide additional options for flexible system design and implementation, while maintaining high-quality sound; components are compatible with CL Series; create a 96kHz system using Dante-MY16-AUD card(s) with a Yamaha PM5D.

Booth: C2239

Newsroom production software

AP ENPS Version 7

New modern user interface gives users increased flexibility to configure the ENPS desktop for the tasks they do most often; enables users to create and publish for broadcast, online and social media within the same ENPS tool; new dashboard lets users create their own custom view of the day’s latest information, all updated in real time; new detached Alert Bar keeps users on top of breaking news and incoming messages .

Booth: SL9005

Satellite platform
Intelsat Epic

Next-generation high-performance satellite platform with a combination of C-, Ku- and Ka-bands, wide beams, spot beams, and frequency re-use; for broadcasters and media applications, this means content regionalization, customization, more throughput and backward compatibility.

Booth: SU3111

Cellular Internet newsgathering (iNG) receiver
VISLINK LiveGear LGR-1000

Receives AirStream IP transmissions via the Internet and provides an HD/SD-SDI output; up to six transmissions are simultaneously received by one unit; is a cost-effective means to receive “live” remote Internet newsgathering (iNG) content; can receive up to four bonded cellular network IP streams carrying a packetized segment of the video transmission from each remote AirStream transmitter.

Booth: C6508

ADR end-to-end solution
Solid State Logic ScreenSound ADR

Turnkey system that combines a suite of integrated software applications providing dialog spotting and session preparation, session control, and management and audio recording, with industrial-strength hardware platform; relies on SpotFire, which presents a dedicated session management and automated ADR interface; SSL’s Soundscape AW is the underlying platform for recording, editing and mixing.

Booth: C2617

Routing switchers
Snell Sirius 800

Have been enhanced with the availability of frame synchronization on the units’ Advanced Hybrid Processing input and output cards; the resulting router architecture enables independent processing of audio and video signals with no restrictions on signal formats, timing between signal types or number of audio channels.

Booth: N1820

Thunderbolt integration
Small Tree ThunderNET

Combines the high performance I/O capabilities of Thunderbolt with the flexibility of PCIe; provides post-production professionals a system for integrating Thunderbolt-equipped platforms into high-performance storage and data networks; supports 1GigE or 10GigE connectivity to iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air computers, connecting seamlessly to GraniteSTOR TITANIUM or 10 GigE switches.

Booth: SL6005

Archive system
EditShare Ark Version 2.3

New enhancements include the ability to delete individual clips from Ark Disk nearline storage via FlowBrowse, and the ability to institute “migration” workflows where clips move down through different “tiers” of storage; Ark tape backup verification provides additional checks to ensure that Ark backup/archive jobs have been successfully written to LTO tapes.

Booth: SL9010

BHV Broadcast Syntax

Based on advanced Super-Resolution Bandlet Technology; brings the performance advantages of motion-compensated processing without the associated disadvantages of high cost and occasionally severe artifacts; features include analog video inputs and audio facilities with noise reduction and ARC facilities.

Booth: N921

Archive system

Dalet MediaLife

Features the Galaxy interface; designed for the workflow requirements of program preparation and archiving; includes tools for mass ingest, pre-editing, storyboarding, subtitling, captioning, versioning and distribution — all accessible from the same user interface; integrates with third-party systems such as NLEs, automation device and archives.

Booth: SL4524

Metadata tagging tool

Primestream FORK Logger 1.0

Cross-platform module is part of FORK Production Suite 3.5; allows for logging live or pre-recorded video; tightly integrated and configurable user interface enables content loggers to tag video with defined metadata in to the FORK environment effortlessly, making assets easier to manage, automate and monetize.

Booth: SL6824

Digital audio coaxial patchbay
Bittree Digital Audio Coaxial Patchbay

Designed for discreet AES signals and offers significant cost savings over video patchbays otherwise used for this purpose; BNC rear interface is designed for fast and easy installation; developed in response to the rapid growth of digital audio content.

Booth: SU6521

MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 conversion

Solution set integrates to ASI and/or IP infrastructures for those broadcasters looking to capitalize on the cost savings and quality benefits of MPEG-4 technology; provides a large and rich set of tools for encoding, delivering broadcasters with improved coding efficiency, the ability to encode mixed media, high error resilience for robust transmission and interaction with various animated objects.

Booth: SU6221

wTVision SportStats CG

Flexible sports software is compatible with all graphics engines; enables data collection, comparison and management, as well as transformation data into on-air graphics, all in real-time; features dedicated data scouting depending on the sport; can adapt to more than 40 different sports.

Booth: SL14513

Audio/loudness platform

Linear Acoustic AERO.1000

Up to 64 channels of AEROMAX loudness control with UPMAX upmixing/downmixing; standard AES and SDI I/O and compensating HD/SD-SDI video delay; ITU-R BS.1770 loudness metering and TCP/IP remote; optional Dolby encoding/decoding and Nielsen watermarking for all channels.

Booth: N3438

Video appliance

Net Insight Nimbra

Combines reliable UDP streaming with aware data recovery to enable broadcast-quality transport over unmanaged IP first-mile connections; incorporates content-aware FEC to reduce effective packet loss and selective retransmission that takes care of unrecoverable data loss; features dynamic rate control and clock synchronization.

Booth: SU2324


Shure BRH31M, BRH440M, BRH441M

Each headset in the portfolio has a dynamic, cardioid microphone that delivers natural, highly intelligible vocal reproduction and frequency response in loud environments; BRH31M single-sided headset has an adjustable headband; BRH440M dual-sided headset is closed-back, circumaural piece built for long-wearing comfort; both the 440M and 441M include a flip-up mute function that deactivates the boom mic when raised vertically away from the mouth.

Booth: C2627

1’x1’ light panel
Photon-Beard lighting panel

Includes eight 5/8in-diameter fluorescent tubes that deliver illumination using Osram daylight or tungsten-balanced phosphors; provides predictable color results with fewer of the spikes and spectral variations typically associated with similar LED-based fixtures.

Booth: C11432


Sync pulse generator
Tektronix SPG8000

Offers sync signals, test signals and ANC data-generation capabilities for modern broadcast, production and post-production facilities; features extensive sync pulse generation and master clock reference generation capabilities in a single device, Tektronix’s Stay Genlock capability, redundant power supplies, SNMP and Web UI support, and remote configuration and monitoring.

Booth: N609

Mobile app
LiveU LU-Smart

Allows LiveU users to extend their live video coverage from the field using an iPhone or iPad; based on LiveU’s fourth-generation bonded uplink technology; bonds internal WiFi and cellular connections, including 3G/4G LTE, to reach optimal video quality.

Booth: SU5511

Audio control surface
Wheatstone Dimension Two

Built on the proven Bridge Router platform; accepts analog, AES, MADI and HD/SDI input signals; provides the ability to send any source or console bus to any audio network destination; also offers up to 96 input channels on two pages (64 physical faders maximum), 16 dedicated mix-minus busses plus up to 64 channel bus-minus (N-1) outputs.

Booth: C3112

News automation
Playbox NewsRoomBox

Manages the news program for any media organization, as well as all data relating to the news before, during and after the news program — including new information for tickers, Teletext, web, mobile, connected TV, OTT, tablets, PC, etc.; complete system for newsroom management, story creation and studio control.

Booth: N5435

News capture from a PC or smart mobile device

TVU Networks TVU Anywhere

Enables iOS, Windows and Android mobile devices to transmit live video directly to a TVU receiver; is easy to use, transmitting video with just the push of a button with no in-field configuration required; users just download the app onto a support mobile device and use the device’s wireless Internet connection to transmit live video on the go from practically any location.

Booth: SU7105

Vela Research ASI Quad MultiViewer

Multi-input ASI configuration for broadcasters, satellite providers, programmers, IPTV and content creators, syndicators and distributors; provides a full set of 608 and 708 closed captioning, VANC and metadata capabilities, SDI and ASI interface options; provides full-fledged set of LKFS capabilities, measurements, alerting and logging features to allow operators to comply with CALM Act.

Booth: C2330

Multiscreen advertising synchronization tools
never.no Sync

Toolkit for syncing ad content and creating robust two-way engagement between the first and second screens; enables broadcasters and advertisers to realize the potential of the second screen for expanding an ad’s reach and power, opening the door for creative new ways to use advertising and giving broadcasters a concrete, measurable way to monetize their investment in social TV.

Booth: SL8827

Constant impedance FM bandpass combiner

Jampro Antennas RCCC-102-FM

Features a compact modular design, configurable to fit even the smallest transmitter rooms; allows an additional frequency to be easily added; uses temperature-compensated bandpass filters with integrated heat sink tops to keep filters cool and locked on their frequencies; various models are available for difference channel spacing.

Booth: C2607

Distribution amplifier
ESE ES-210

Provides four independent 1 x 6 frequency DAs in a single rack-mount enclosure; each DA has loop-thru inputs and six isolated outputs, which are all accessible via BNC connectors; uses screwdriver-adjustable Gain controls that are located on the front panel; gain controls provide an overall signal level adjustment of -1.5 to +3.4 db.

Booth: C6043

Variable video delay

Crystal Vision ViViD 3G

Available in four versions to suit a variety of applications; up to 12 video delays fit in a 2U frame; new features include 3Gb/s support, integrated fiber I/O, video proc amp and signal timing; ‘S’ versions feature a framestore synchronizer that makes it possible to apply a long delay to a video path and lock the signal to a station reference using a single board.

Booth: N1523

LED light kit
Frezzi Highly Portable Studio Quality Lighting

Features quick-switchable high-power solid-state LED module chip technology for super performance of HMI-type output in a compact package; complete multi-light kit comes in lightweight portable travel case.

Booth: C7936

Cabling assemblies
BTX Technologies Neutrik opticalCON Certification

Received designation by Neutrik as a Certified Assembler fiber house for its opticalCON line of fiber-optic connection systems; new fiber capabilities complement long list of copper assemblies and custom plates and panel systems.

Booth: C7319

Sencore MRD 4400

Capable of being upgraded to HD via a software license; supports decoding of H.264 and MPEG-2 video to broadcast-quality outputs via SDI and composite interfaces; up to four audio services allow distributors to meet upcoming descriptive-video requirements while still supporting surround or alternate-language services.

Booth: SU2616

VOIP JPEG 2000 codec
intoPix JPEG 2000 Video Over IP

Ultra-dense compression IP-cores and new reference applications for small 28nm FPGA devices offer visually lossless compression; new video over IP reference application on the Altera Cyclone V GX board; low latency; standardized interface connects to Altera VIP suite.

Booth: C4742

SAS/SATA and RAID adapters

ATTO Technology ExpressSAS series

Provides high-performance data protection to direct attached SAS and SATA JBOD storage; available in a wide variety of port configurations and RAID levels.

Booth: SL7613

Contribution receiver decoder

Thomson Video Networks RD6000

Latest generation of integrated receiver decoder; developed for MPEG contribution applications; supports highest quality contribution video feeds and provides full MPEG-2, MPEG-4, 4:2:0, 4:2:2, 8-bit, and 10-bit decoding in a single 1RU chassis.

Booth: SU2611

Anything in/anything out matrix switcher

TV One C3-340 CORIO matrix

Is based on CORIO 2 technology and offers high-quality modular video matrix switching using CORIO softswitch, which provides a firmware-based video routing, switching and video conversion platform; 16 AV universal module slots are available; automatically recognizes the modules inserted as an input or output module; offers up-, down- and crossconversion on the outputs.

Booth: SL9416

Support software
Molden Media Viz Secure

Designed to monitor, maintain and remedy broadcast IT infrastructures in order to help improve on-air reliability; features a new UI layout, as well as advanced analyses and reporting aspects; digs deep to capture and monitor critical data; translates raw data into visuals, charts and graphs for easy understanding; users can define parameters for alerts or warnings; allows for trend identification and analysis of event sequences to better optimize infrastructure performance.

Booth: SL6830

Grass Valley camera integration

Riedel Communications MediorNet MN-GV-2

Allows users to network Grass Valley 3G camera systems and base station, including the LDK and new LDX series, via MediorNet; provides a solution for routing bi-directional camera signals, including all embedded audio and telemetry control data, through the MediorNet fiber infrastructure; network approach allows the free assignment of cameras to any base station/CCU within the network.

Booth: C4937

Newsroom computer system

Runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms; new features are focused on assignment experience, story central workflow and event-based actions; includes plug-in for Final Cut Pro integration, as well as editorial tools such as spell check, rundown buddy and rundown stopwatch.

Booth: SU10107


Automated production control system
Ross Video OverDrive V14

Re-engineered newsroom plug-in streamlines the preparation process, allowing productions to get to air faster and with less effort and fewer mistakes; new features include trailing audio support, color coding to easily identify incoming MOS elements and automated multiplatform publishing.

Booth: N3808

Workflow platform

Digital Rapids Kayak

Enables customers, systems integrators and software developers to design, deploy and manage customized workflows; component-based architecture and open ecosystem provide ease in integrating new technologies; intelligent automation and deployment model maximize processing efficiency, optimize resources, minimize management effort and reduce costs.

Booth: SL5624

Patch panel
Optical Cable Corporation Procyon Copper Panel

Designed for high-density copper connectivity and to be interchangeable with fiber panels for maximum flexibility; each copper module provides 48 CAT-6A shielded ports in 1RU; mates with 12 preterminated high-density copper cable assemblies, each providing cabling for four RJ-45 ports.

Booth: C10145

Slow-motion video server
Orad Hi-Tec Systems PlayMaker

SD/HD slow-motion video server for live sports productions; new Smart Events engine is a tagging and sorting tool that tags clips with descriptive metadata; provides up eight I/O channels of high-quality ingest in multiple video formats, including DVCPRO, DNxHD and JPEG-2000, with synchronized slow-motion replay and editing tools.

Booth: SL5709

Fraunhofer Digital Cinema Alliance Low Complexity Coding

Allows mezzanine compression for switching from SDI-based interfaces to IP-based (Ethernet) interfaces for the transmission of video with the highest possible dynamic range and resolution, regardless of bandwidth limitations.

Booth: C7843

Video distribution over IP

Matrox Maevex

Delivers one-to-one unicast or one-to-many multicast of full-HD quality video extension and playback over standard TCP/IP networks; encoders and decoders capture, stream and decode video from a variety of sources and allow for software-based decoding on non-Maevex devices; PowerStream software offers user-defined management features enabling administrators to control the Maevex network, streams and devices.

Booth: SL4616

500W transmitter
Linear Industries AT71-500-11

4RU × 19in × 26in drawer size reduces installation footprint; nine temperature-controlled cooling fans provide optimal performance and longer life for critical components; features include scheduler software to run corrections/measurements at scheduled times, internal GPS receiver, selectable timebase reference and proprietary bandwidth reduction technology.

Booth: SU6717

Ikegami HDK-97C

Camera employs 2.5-megapixel 2/3in CMOS image sensors for superior quality HDTV video with horizontal resolution of 1000TVL, SNR of 60dB or more and sensitivity of F11; supports a number of native HDTV formats including 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 720p/59.94, 720p/50, 1080p/29.97, 1080p/23.98 and 1080p/25 (some formats are optional); supports 3G formats including 1080p/59.94 4:2:2, 1080p/50 4:2:2, 1080i/59.94 4:4:4 and 1080i/50 4:4:4.

Booth: C5108

Digital asset management

OpenText Media Management

Provides secure, audited and accelerated transfer of large files; manages and organizes all users’ digital media assets; provides integrated tools for digital asset management of video, audio, images and all the enterprise’s digital media files; provides faceted search, flexible metadata and taxonomy schemes, and open APIs.

Booth: SL15814

Loudness meter

Linear Acoustic LQ-1

ITU-R BS.1770 loudness meter with full Dolby decoding and Dolby Dialogue Intelligence; AES, TOSLINK Optical, HD/SD-SDI and analog I/O; optional DVB-ASI input, redundant PSU and SNMP.

Booth: N3438

Ultra-motion system

Delivers a continuous real-time output of up to 300fps at native HD resolution and image quality; gives production teams continuous access to instant replays at up to 10 times the normal frame rate; used with EVS XT3 production server under LSM control, provides a familiar user interface and controls that any broadcast crew can use immediately without any special training.

Booth: C4742

Portable PTZ production system


Designed for single-operator, multicamera production using a touchscreen and PTZ cameras, so no camera operators are required; supports four or eight HD/SD-SDI ins; features two clip players, multilayer DSK, full-motion overlays, transitions and effects, PIP and chroma key; streams and records in multiple formats; REMO system comes in ruggedized, portable case.

Booth: C5640

Enterprise resource management software
ScheduALL 5

Automates previously labor-intensive functions such as slack capacity optimization, media system integration and third-party connectivity; new version adds smart technology for a new level of auto-managed work orders.

Booth: SU3421

Content management standalone tools
Aveco SAS Solutions

Released to complement the ASTRA Suite of Tools; standalone versions of some of the ASTRA Suite of Tools — including media asset management, archive, ingest, browse and playout — are available; key feature is that they can run with any vendor’s automation system or MAM system.

Booth: N2138

Camera-mounted fiber transport

MultiDyne SilverBACK-II with JUICE

Capable of transmitting any camera signal — including HD-SDI video, audio, control data, GPIOs, tally and power — over a single hybrid fiber and copper cable without relying on local power or batteries; provides users with a cost-effective, lightweight, remote powering system that can be seamlessly integrated onto any camera; ideal for news, sports, ENG, D-SNG, OB and multicamera studio applications.

Booth: C10339

IP monitoring system

DVEO True Check IP Analyzer

DTV transport and IP stream monitoring system designed for verifying the quality of MPEG-2/H.264 audio and video services delivered over IP networks; built for 24-hour remote operation; includes detailed analysis and error monitoring of DTV MPEG transport stream layers; provides detailed IP layer measurement and analysis on Ethernet inputs.

Booth: SU6505

Integrated, wireless camera link

Broadcast Sports, Inc. (BSI) Real Freedom System

Features a simplified user interface and set-up; family of components is designed to offer users the highest resolution and video quality available in a wireless camera system with 1080p/60 and 10-bit, 4:2:2 sampling; features H.264 encoding and DVB-T2 modulation.

Booth: C12049

Playout server

Cinegy Air 9.5

Offers added support for direct playout of the new Cinegy Desktop sequences with all the enhancements to sound and vision intact; users can finish applying an advanced color correction to an hour package with a 5.1 audio mix; move it to the server, and start playout to viewers in just a couple of seconds; also features added options for per-item and per-engine audio matrixing and a new AVCI100 mode for proxies.

Booth: SL11112

High-definition IRD

Adtec Digital RD-70

1080p multi-CODEC ultra-low, low and normal delay MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 IRD is interoperable with other encoders, making it ideal for mission-critical trunking, ad-hoc OB, DSNG and teleport applications; the ultra-delay mode requires the use of the EN91P 1080p encoder and delivers picture-to-picture services in 100ms.

Booth: SU7602

Video processing card
Cobalt Digital Fusion3G

Now offers higher performance with Dolby DD+ with simultaneous 5.1 and 2.0, in addition to an array of processing features that include format conversion, frame sync, wings insertion, keying, color correction, advanced audio processing, full analog I/O, audio/video delay, audio embed/de-embed/cross-point and up/down mixing.

Booth: N4624


Internet subtitling
Screen Subtitling Systems OTT subtitling

Method for served web video playback ensures subtitles are always displayed in the style intended regardless of the player; producer has full creative control over style and position; text is clear; allows viewers to select language or turn captions off; uses standard subtitle file formats; can automatically adjust broadcast version for the Web via EDL.

Booth: N5821

Modular receiver/decoder

Sencore MRD 5800

Provides H.264, MPEG-2, 4:2:2, 4:2:0, 10-bit and 8-bit decoding with automatic detection and configuration; features field-upgradable software licensing; offers up to eight PIDs of audio decoding to deal with the multichannel, multilingual environment of live-event coverage; provides ASI, satellite, RF and IP input options.

Booth: SU2616

Camera shader panel

Telemetrics CSP

Designed to offer a convenient and flexible solution for remotely matching multiple automated cameras; features intuitive controls and a touch-screen interface; can be controlled by single operators, groups or locations; supports control for iris, master pedestal and shading, as well as CCU functions of major camera brands including master gain, white gain, black level, gamma knee, masking and test bars.

Booth: C9532

GPU-accelerated transcoder
Telestream Cable/IPTV transcoder

GPU-accelerated video transcoder developed specifically to automate content preparation and delivery for cable VOD and IPTV workflows; offers sophisticated control over transport stream multiplexing and metadata; full 16-bit video processing and the use of the x264 (H.264) codec.

Booth: SL2605

Opticomm-EMCORE Optiva

Designed to quickly and easily convert, scale and send secure HD video over fiber; converts DVI to VGA/RGB/RBGHV/YPbPr, and VGA/RGB/RBGHV/YPbPr to DVI and then instantly scales it to the native resolution of any display up to 1920 x 1200; supports USB KVM, as well as graphic resolutions up to 2560 x 1600/60Hz and video resolutions up to 1080p/60Hz.

Booth: N3422

Second-screen and social TV gateway

Allows broadcasters to easily add viewer interaction such as votes, polls and tweet battles into their live news and sports programming, along with rich call-to-action graphics and infographics; integrates with popular second-screen and social data partners, eliminating the need for custom integration while maintaining routine production workflows.

Booth: SL1010

Camera accessory

The Padcaster

Provides an easy way for users to create professional videos on their iPad, from storyboarding and shooting to editing and sharing; threaded holes at the edges of the frame allow filmmakers to attach external mics, lights and other accessories; a standard 1/4-20 screw thread and locking-pin design centered on the bottom of the Padcaster lets users connect it to a professional tripod, monopod or shoulder mount.

Booth: C-ST16

Cloud archive software
Levels Beyond Reach Engine

Provides streamlined media management, distribution, optimization and monetization capabilities for video; now has a hybrid cloud solution; integrates cloud-based library management, file processing, approval workflows and distribution services with Reach Engine Studio; can upload proxy content and metadata.

Booth: SL10711

Touch control system

Shotoku Broadcast Systems Gemini Pan Bar Control System Stagebox integration

Combined system allows remote control of multiple cameras over standard communication networks at live productions; Stagebox unit transforms all the audio, video, timing and remote control signals to and from a camera into packet-based IP networks to streamline field production logistics and workflows.

Booth: C9032

Conditional access system
Broadpeak C-CAS

Enables pay TV operators to support adaptive streaming protocols while simultaneously remaining compliant with conditional access systems on subscribers’ existing STBs; using adaptive streaming technologies, unifies video user experience across next-generation and existing STBs.

Booth: SU6914

Broadcast workflow management

Primestream FORK Xchange Suite 2.0

Gives broadcasters instant Web access to content on their FORK Production servers from any Windows, Mac or tablet device; is an add-on to the FORK software platform for managing and automating broadcast workflows; contains new capabilities for creating subclips and markers.

Booth: SL6824

Caption monitor
EEG iCap Video

Captioners can now monitor the presence and location of captions via an encrypted low-res video feed matching the encoder output; improved real-time visual feedback provides extra source of confidence monitoring and ensures captioners are aware of graphics and crawls affecting the optimal positioning of caption displays.

Booth: N824


Vela Research CineWaveHD Continuum

Enables high-performance, continuous decoding with high-quality video at extremely low bit rates; designed to operate in plug-and-play, nonstop operation mode; real-time decoding of HD or SD H.264 (AVC), HD or SD MPEG-2 Main Profile @ Main Level and @ High Level, VC1 and MPEG-4 Part 2; supports PAL, NTSC and cinema television formats.

Booth: C2330

Video Clarity Auto RTM

New addition to the RTM product line that provides a key application to the user for automating simultaneous audio and video performance test routines in a real-time monitoring session; makes IP or file delivery network AV quality testing easy to set up and allows the user to quickly create single or multiple test sessions.

Booth: SU11004

ATSC signal analyzer


Analyzes MPEG-2, MPEG-4 H.264 video decoding, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and AAC audio decoding; compatible with SD and HD resolutions, including 1080i, 720p and 576i; works with 8VSB, DVB-S2, DVB-S, DSS and QAM A/B modulations; digital measurements include power, CBER, VBER, MER, C/N, link margin and noise margin.

Booth: SU10702

Wireless intercom


Full duplex system allows crews to converse simultaneously just like on a regular telephone; to operate, simply turn the system on and talk; is not voice-activated, and there are no transmit buttons; up to eight can converse at the same time; includes discreet Cyber headsets and COMSTAR beltplacks that weigh just 2.5oz.

Booth: C11229

Archive system
EditShare Geevs 5.3

New enhancements include support for capture and playout of QuickTime-Wrapped XDCAM-EX and XDCAM-HD, as well as updates to Studio Multicam and Geevs live user interfaces.

Booth: SL9010

26V manganese batteries

Boxx TV 26V Battery

Use a manganese compound to provide the high level of current needed to run cameras such as the ARRI ALEXA and Phantom digital cameras; using 26V instead of 16V batteries produces less heat in the battery and the wiring of the camera.

Booth: C7706

On-air automation system
Florical Remote AirBoss

Is an option within the SMART Central suite of products; can run from any workstation with access to the user’s secure network; includes LowRes Viewer, which accepts WMV9 feeds for on-screen confidence feeds; can display and gang-roll two channels. 

Booth: N4429

HDR camera

Fraunhofer Digital Cinema Alliance HDR Camera

HDR camera based on single shot and non-regular sensor masking; technique allows the capture of an image with the same resolution and amount of detail as the use of a traditional sensor, but with a much higher dynamic range.

Booth: C7843


Digital mixing console
Lawo mc²56

Now available in five frame sizes in order to meet needs ranging from mobile to studio; latest features include permanent metering of the 16 central faders and nine individually assignable user buttons; snapshot operation is improved with more directly accessible buttons; also has an integrated RTW goniometer or user panel in the overbridge.

Booth: C1311

DTT/digital upgrades

Upgrades range from transmission gear to entire broadcast facilities; enhanced pre-engineered DTT system is a highly modular, flexible solution that enables analog-based terrestrial operators to migrate to a digital platform quickly and cost-effectively; the system supports live streams and VOD with program acquisition, compression and transmission subsystems, and full life-cycle support.

Booth: SU6221

Harris Platinum VAX Compact Class

Built on the company’s PowerSmart architecture to minimize footprint and lower costs; covers VHF transmissions from 10W to 100W in 2RU units; ideal for low-power stations and gap filler applications to cover specific regions in widespread markets or difficult terrains; integrates Harris Broadcast Apex M2X exciters to enable simple modulation changes and analog-to-digital upgrades.

Booth: N2502

Ethernet aggregator/transceiver

Artel Video Systems DLC205

Integrates seamlessly within the company’s DigiLink video transport platform; aggregates Ethernet traffic across a single optical or electrical connection; capable of aggregating nine channels — five external and four internal — of 10/100/1000 Ethernet traffic for transport across electrical or optical networks; fully nonblocking module features capacity of 18Gb of Ethernet traffic.

Booth: SU6318

Wireless intercom

JK Audio Interloop

Offers improved voice bandwidth using Bluetooth HD Voice wireless technology; supports 300Hz-3.4kHz standard voice bandwidth and 120Hz-7kHz HD voice bandwidth; features 2.4HGz encrypted digital wireless; includes 3-pin XLR male and female intercom jacks; powered with 9V battery backup; has send and receive volume controls.

Booth: C3249

Frame rate convertes
Snell KudosPro MC500

Available at a low price point; provides up, down and crossconversion from any broadcast standard (50Hz or 59Hz) to any other broadcast standard, with optional composite and fiber connectivity; a wide range of audio options is available, including embedded, AES, analog and Dolby E, as well as extensive utilities such as ProcAmp, enhancer and closed caption handling.

Booth: N1820

Processing software

NVerzion NCompass

Newest version of software platform streamlines the processing and playout of file-based content, which now includes enhanced licensing flexibility; new licensing configuration provides a bundled package for the broadcaster’s most commonly used content delivery services (up to five).

Booth: N4325

Video box production tool
Orad Hi-Tec Systems TD Control

Streamlines video box production workflows by consolidating video sources and graphics, delivering a single composited image to the switcher; provides ability to switch, while on-air, from six video sources to six completely different video sources with one click of a button.

Booth: SL5709

Routing switcher

Utah Scientific UTAH-100/UDS

New series provides support for the new 4K (6Gb/s) signal format. Routers in this range from 32x32 to 144x144 and offer the same control options as the UDS routers introduced in 2012; a new 4K signal-processing module will provide multiplexing and demultiplexing of 1.5Gb/s and 3Gb/s streams to and from the 6Gb/s signal.

Booth: N4607

HEVC decoder
Ittiam Systems HEVC Decoder

Targets full conformance to HEVC Main Profile and all resolutions up to Ultra HD; efficient multicore design scales well from one to four cores (x86 and ARM); integrated into Android Stagefright; suitable for most tablets, smartphones and OTT devices.

Booth: SU11414

Multichannel HD/SD encoder

Thomson Video Networks ViBE EM4000

Developed for satellite, terrestrial, cable and IPTV applications; designed to provide optimized compression performance, greater flexibility and density, and, with its capacity for four channels within a single 1RU chassis, a consumption of only 70W of energy for each channel.

Booth: SU2611

Broadcast field-deck recorder

VITEC Focus FS-T2001

Designed for XDCAM workflow; incorporates the complete range of Sony professional formats, including HD422 50Mb/s and XDCAM EX/HD; supports removable professional media: SxSPro/SxS-1 and SDHC cards, as well as 250GB of internal storage for either clip recording or management/storage over a GigE connection.

Booth: SL6305

Triax cabling
Fischer Connectors 1051 Triax HD Pro+

Worked with Draka to develop a new integrated Triax HD connector/cable system featuring 30 percent longer transmission distance; HD/SD signal-compliant system features significantly lower cost of ownership than SMPTE 304 system; also features fast and easy cable assembly.

Booth: C11746

Broadband UHF panel antenna

Jampro Antennas JUHD

Radome-enclosed antenna, designed for either side or top mounting, is based on a modular design; can be configured to provide a variety of azimuth and elevation patterns; offers optional beam tilt and null fill to ensure maximum coverage; horizontally polarized antenna can be configured to include varying levels of vertical polarization.

Booth: C2607

Camera packages
Adorama camera packages

Camera packages on display will include Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Canon EOS C100 series, Canon EOS C300 series, Sony PMW-F5 and Sony PMW-200 camcorder.

www.adorama.com (opens in new tab)
Booth: C7412

Four-window 3G-SDI processor
TV One C2-6204

Has four 3G-SDI inputs and a DVI-I input (for cascade or background use) to place up to four sizable windows on a single DVI-I/3G SDI output; each window is powered by a CORIO 2 scaler providing full flexibility; 3G-SDI resolutions up to 1080p60 are supported; high-performance de-interlacing with motion-adaptive noise reduction are available for interlaced SDI and YPbPr sources.

Booth: SL9416

Portable HD video-over-cellular
LiveU LU70 backpack

Offers a cellular-based live video uplink solution for global broadcasters with its second-generation proprietary internal and external antenna arrays; offers satellite-like resiliency on-the-move and in heavily crowded locations; bonds up to 14 3G/4G LTE, WiMAX and Wi-Fi modems simultaneously; features include One-Touch-Live mode, point to multi-point distribution and increased throughput up to 10Mb/s.

Booth: SU5511

Packet optical transport

Ciena 6500

Platforms automatically adapt to a wide range of existing fiber plants, making 40G and 100G as easy to deploy as 10G; leverages common management and control plane interoperability so network can scale to meet growing capacity needs; multiport, multiprotocol transponders with per-port application selectivity offer increased versatility and flexibility.

Booth: SU13512

Ultra-motion real-time deflickering system
I-MOVIX Real-time De-Flickering System

Real-time turnkey system solves flickering problem encountered by any high-speed camera user; designed for use with SprintCam Vvs HD and X10 systems.

Booth: C4742

Prompter and on-air system

Autoscript E.P.I.C

Combines a bright 17in LED prompting screen with an integrated 17in full HD-SDI on-air monitor; weighs 7lbs less than a system made of separate components (saving 7lbs of counterbalance) and uses 20 percent less power; uses High-Bright LED prompting screens with 1600nits of brightness, a 1000:1 contrast ratio and a lifetime in excess of 70,000 hours.

Booth: C6425


Microwave link
Screen Service Broadcast OMNI LINK

1W RMS, COFDM DVB-T2 based, microwave link capable of non-line-of sight alignment conditions; inputs can be analog audio/video (optional encoder), ASI or IP with automatic redundancy switch; receiver can be either ASI, ASI over IP or analog output; RF head is frequency agile within frequency sub-bands in the 2GHz-11GHz range.

Booth: SU4306

Management module
TMD Mediaflex CI

Provides ability to design workflows and business analytics; uses analytics to make intelligent decisions based on business rules developed by the organization; harvests metadata from many different content formats; features drag-and-drop graphical user interface for process creation and modification; combines multiple decision filters and business rules in a single task.

Booth: N3425

Multiformat LCD monitor

TVLogic LVM-091W-3G

Combines a low-latency (<5ms), 960 x 540 LCD with multiformat support of 3G HD/SD-SDI, Composite, Component, YC and HDCP-compliant DVI; additional features include waveform/vector scope, focus assist, flip mode, built-in monitor speakers and V-mount, and a durable die-cast housing. 

Booth: SL1605

Video platform
Vimond Vimond Platform

Features new single-source, multiformat streaming and DRM capabilities; new capabilities allow streaming from a single source to formats including Adobe Flash, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Apple HLS and mobile devices; cross-platform video-streaming technology dynamically remuxes video streams to different platforms.

Booth: SL10310

TS server

VSI PackeTV Mobile

Simplifies the delivery of live and file-based content to connected devices, including mobile phones, tablets and set-top boxes; built on an entirely server-based design; can be cost-effectively deployed on public or private networks where HTTP access is allowed; can be and scaled as needed to provide streaming video content to users.

Booth: SU6021

Video processing cards
Cobalt Digital terminal gear cards

New series of terminal gear cards feature a DCDA down converter/distribution amplifier; this line’s release will be followed by DCDA-3G and DCDA-3G2 dual down converters with 3G, frame sync and AES outputs; further units to be added include uDC-SDI-SD12, full single and dual up/down/cross converters, respectively.

Booth: N4624

Broadcast server
TelVue B1000 HyperCaster

New options include SD/HD-SDI baseband output, or composite/component/HDMI, in addition to IP; bridges the gap between IP networks and legacy baseband video requirements; each decoded channel supports automatic up/downconversion, seamless format switching on the fly, MPEG-2 and H.264, and SD and HD up to 1080p.

Booth: N623

Automated closed-captioning system
Nexidia CC Director

Automatically repurposes on-air closed captioning for broadcast and IP distribution in order to satisfy broadcast requirements for the 21st-Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA); reuses live and file-based caption information to re-caption clips and programs for delivery to the Web, tablets and other Internet-connected devices.

Booth: S117LMR

Broadcast monitor field package
Flanders Scientific LM-2140W

21.5in monitor features 3G/HD/SD-SDI, component, composite and DVI-I inputs, as well as full 12-bit video processing and an 8-bit panel capable of reproducing more than 16.7 million colors; includes a power-efficient LED backlight; comes bundled with carrying bag with integrated hood for LM-2140W (CBH21), clear protective screen cover for LCD panel (CPC21), and VESA to light stand mount (MM20).

Booth: SL11127

ASI monitoring/switching module
dB Broadcast IQASI82

Retains all of the features of the Hawkeye B082S module, but integrates with the Snell IQ Modular frames and RollCall monitoring and control system; can be remotely monitored and controlled via the Snell SNMP interface; features a near-seamless 2x2 switch that provides independent TS monitoring of two input streams and user-configurable automatic switch operation.

Booth: N1820

Social media integrator
Aveco Social Media Integration

Gives broadcasters the ability to promote on-air and upcoming programming automatically to both Twitter and Facebook; programming information from a channel playlist or rundown can be fed to the broadcaster’s Twitter and/or Facebook account; broadcasters can promote programming or news segments as they air, or promote what will be coming up using a look-ahead feature.

Booth: N2138

Video editing system

Cinegy Desktop

Provides real-time access to media in the Cinegy Archive, along with logging and editing tools and the ability to import/export media to third-party nonlinear editing and automation systems; features include audio-model enhancements and added workflows for handling mono, stereo and surround audio tracks through the media lifecycle.

Booth: SL11112

High-density SDI capture card
ViewCast Osprey 845e

Ideal for high-density applications with several input channels in a single device; includes SDI support for both SD and HD as well as embedded audio in the SDI; has four independent SDI channels; designed to suit different needs; capture up to four HD/SD or two 3G independent professional broadcast SDI video sources simultaneously.

Booth: SU7517

Regionalized ad insertion
Aveco Regional Ad Insertion

A simple and cost-effective solution for Hub and Spoke or Centralized architectures that can generate additional revenue by enabling higher priced ads to be sold that are specific to viewers in different regions; various configurations enable playlists to be controlled solely from the Hub or shared control with the regional stations.

Booth: N2138

Avitech Seneca X-HDUTP/RP

Seneca Extender with PoE (power over Ethernet) allows transmission of HDMI and VGA signals while extending keyboard/mouse and IR over standard Cat 5e/6 Ethernet cables; PoE enables the transfer of DC power in conjunction with data signals over a single Ethernet cable up to a distance of 100m .

Booth: SU8511

Recording software

Actus View fifth edition

Fifth-version release offers support for multiple audio tracks and multiple subtitles; loudness measurements combined with robust logging allow users to review status and provide continuous, exportable measurements for compliance proof, and to defend against loudness complaints; records Transport Stream, allowing users to record the stream “as is” from any input (MPEG-2, MPEG-4) and in the same resolution.

Booth: SU9524

Captioning software
Softel Swift Create

Allows users to prepare and repurpose closed captions; supports all formats of Open, Closed and DVD/Blu-ray files and converts from one format to another, while repurposing to optimize productivity; now offers localized user interfaces; allows the export of Web and IPTV streamer-format caption files.

Booth: N2531

xVocal microphone
DPA Microphones d:facto II

Offers high separation and extreme SPL handling; features new wired DPA handle and provides added benefit of a state-of-the-art adapter system that allows for seamless integration with many professional wireless systems; linear in frequency and phase, both on- and off-axis; designed to give superior gain before feedback.

Booth: C3036

Live video switcher software
Livestream Studio

Software-only edition of the Studio HD500; allows users to build a live, multi-camera production switcher; works exclusively with any Blackmagic Design capture and playback device and runs on Microsoft Windows; features support for up to five live video inputs/outputs and HD live video output (analog, HDMI or HD-SDI) via connected BlackMagic Design devices.

Booth: SL10716

Media asset management system
Nativ Mio v5.0

Available as a SaaS or enterprise solution; includes project workspaces with advanced social features for real-time global collaboration, remote working, and increased visibility of cost and resources on a per-project basis; browser-based, frame-accurate editing eliminates the cost and complexity of moving large assets in and out of the cloud for simple media manipulation.

Booth: SU11621


Multiformat production switcher
Snell Kahuna Flare

Offers standard single-link 1080p support alongside SD and HD formats at no extra cost; versions range from 2 M/E to 4 M/E; offers four keyers per M/E and two channels of 3D DVE, all in a single 6RU frame; comes standard with 48 inputs and 24 outputs, with the option to upgrade to 60 inputs and 32 outputs.

Booth: N1820

Broadcast automation system


Provides intuitive, single or multichannel SD/HD output for broadcast, PEG channels and Internet TV; features include DTMF and GPIO triggers, drag and drop scheduling, Auto-Loop, Auto-Fill, Auto-Bug, File Segmenting, multiformat playback, real-time upconvert from SD to HD and router control.

Booth: C5640

Subtitle transcoder

Softel Swift vTX

Streamlines file-based media management workflow by enabling the automatic insertion, encoding and transcoding of subtitles and closed captions to and from broadcast media files; features direct interfaces with media server and MAM manufacturers — such as Dalet, Grass Valley, Harmonic/Omneon, Harris and XOR Media — allowing seamless integration into a wide variety of workflows.

Booth: N2531

Business process management system
Tedial Ficus

Includes business process management capabilities and features improved workflow creation capability using standard BPM notation and associated tools to create new workflows or to improve existing ones; new version makes it possible to access workflows across multiple sites.

Booth: N5833

Video transmission system
TVU Networks TVUPack Mini SE

Designed for Sony XDCAM camcorders; small, lightweight video transmission system uses multiple 3G/4G/LTE/Wi-Fi connections to transmit live broadcast-quality video; with an untethered, integrated design, it mounts directly on support Sony cameras and does not require additional external cables to operate; displays the video transmission status in the camera’s viewfinder.

Booth: SU7105

Regional insertion systems
Starfish Technologies

Designed for TV channel regionalization and ad insertion for traditional broadcast and IPTV; enable broadcasters to add regional program content and advertising with minimal changes to their existing infrastructure.

Booth: N3723

Audio monitor
NUGEN Audio LM-Correct

Available for the first time outside the Avid environment; offers automatic, faster-than-real-time loudness analysis and correction, providing an automatic method of rapidly conforming audio to current loudness standards.

Booth: SU8918

KVM extender

Matrox Avio

Provides critical system performance for remote computing applications; a transmitter/receiver pair extends uncompressed dual-HD video, keyboard, mouse and stereo analog audio from the host system up to 13,123ft via a duplex LC-LC fiber-optic cable; creative professionals benefit from fast graphics and smooth HD, 2K and 4K video.

Booth: SL4616

Digital media T&M

File-based verifier for video, audio and metadata allows automated testing of nearly any format in existence; unique tests for artifacts in video and audio streams ensure that false positives are kept to a minimum; ideal for use in high volume ingest, VOD, tape conversion and archival operations.

Booth: N3833

Frame sync input card

Miranda NVISION 8500 series

Contains eight input ports; allows easy synchronization of incoming wild feeds or signals moving between facilities; offers eight frame synchronizers on a single card, with 3Gb/s, HD and SD all supported on the same module.

Booth: N2513

Clip access system
arvato Systems ClipJOCKEY Server

Provides direct video server access from the newsroom system for editorial purposes; uses an ActiveX component that ensures easy installation and seamless integration with all ClipJOCKEY workflows; available for Annova Systems OpenMedia, Avid iNEWS, AP ENPS, Octopus and many other newsroom systems.

Booth: N4333

Fiber-optic receiver
LYNX Technik yellowbrik ORX 1900

The fiber to L-Band receiver accepts and restores RF signals from a single-mode fiber; accepts wide range of optical inputs from 1270nm to 1610nm; includes two RF outputs for signal distribution or monitoring; supports L-Band ranges from 700MHz to 2300MHz; used with OTX 1910 transmitter, makes robust, cost-effective RF delivery system for distances up to 6mi.

Booth: N1120

Video quality monitor
Video clarity ClearView Extreme DP

ClearView Extreme with Display Port provides a new platform for the uncompressed display of 10-bit per color component RGB files at high resolutions; new system is capable of real-time comparative playback of two files at 2560 x 1600, 10-bit uncompressed RGB.

Booth: SU11004

LED Fresnel
Litepanels Sola 12

Designed to offer a powerful output of daylight-balanced illumination approaching that of a traditional 2K incandescent Fresnel, but with the energy efficiencies and cost saving benefits of Litepanels LED technology; a 12in Fresnel lens emits an even collimated light source that can be focused and controlled for maximum flexibility. 

Booth: C6425

Compact intercom matrix frame

Compact 3RU matrix frame supports eight interface cards in addition to redundant master controllers; is fully compatible with all existing ADAM cards, including the MADI-16+; when combined with the MADI-16+, the ADAM-M can be configured with up to 256 ports; is capable of supporting 1000+ time slots for integration into full ADAM-based systems.

Booth: C6908

Mobile app
MediaSilo iPad App

App gives users access to media assets from anywhere; creative professionals and teams can use native iOS app to access the MediaSilo cloud library, locate desired content and download it for offline review; new enhancements include content annotation and approvals; now available for free on the Apple iTunes store.

Booth: SU10114

Loudness monitor
DaySequerra iLM8 Live

Simultaneously measures loudness for 5.1 surround and auxiliary stereo inputs using the industry-standard ITU-R BS.1770/1 algorithm; specially optimized for mixing, fast-paced live events with dual 350MHz digital signal processors measuring full 5.1 mix, while isolating the center channel loudness; also features fast-responding “Dual Field display,” along with optional HD-SDI input. 

Booth: N3839

Telephone hybrid

Available as ISDN, POTS and VolP version for up to 16 callers with eight digital and two analog audio lines plus two handset/headset interfaces; needs 1RU of space and has possibility of extending ISDN/POTS versions to a voice-over-IP system with software upgrade; system can be shared between several studios; HD Voice Upgrade allows compatible HD-Voice compatible phones to receive calls in 7kHz quality.

Booth: C8140

Character generator

Cinegy Type

Integrated in Cinegy Desktop, Air, Studio and Convert; allows the addition of multiple layers of automation-controlled, template-based titles, logos and animated graphics; new version features performance improvements to real-time operations, particularly when embedding large-format videos into plates; also features more complex control of playback of video clips in plates.

Booth: SL11112

Workflow integration
Telestream Vantage workflow orchestration

New system integrations allow workflows to incorporate digital file transfer, commercial delivery, cameras, edit systems, quality control, audio correction, broadcast server monitoring and delivery, plus delivery to cable ad insertion servers; allows complete, multivendor orchestration of workflows from content ingest, through editing, QC and delivery.

Booth: SL2605


Archive system
Dalet MediaLife

Features the Galaxy interface; designed for the workflow requirements of program preparation and archiving; includes tools for mass ingest, pre-editing, storyboarding, subtitling, captioning, versioning and distribution — all accessible from the same user interface; integrates with third-party systems such as NLEs, automation device and archives.

Booth: SL4524

Production control system
Hi Tech Systems AViTA

Ideal for news playout, automation back-up, studio production and scheduled record; now offers multi-camera record and review; this provides a clear and easy way to control up to 16 record, or a mixture of record and play, server channels for studio production work; interfaces to any professional video server and integrates into production and post-production workflows.

Booth: N3733

Ikegami HDK-55

Most affordable member of the Unicam HD camera series uses 1080i 2.3-megapixel AIT CCDs; new features include Quick EZ Focus and chromatic aberration correction; compact low-profile camera head with docking adaptors for fiber or triax cable use.

Booth: C5108

Software application
LYNX Technik yelloGUI

Software application permits select yellobriks to be controlled and configured over USB using a PC; once the module is connected, a virtual image of the module is displayed showing the user all the switches, controls and module indicators; also displays status information such as the detected video form, HDMI output resolution and frequency, as well as audio signals.

Booth: N1120

Multi-port video I/O access
Artel Video Systems DLC055

Provides distribution amp capability to the DL4360x chassis, as well as five independent video inputs and five internally routed outputs to or from function modules in a DL4360x chassis; each port supports standard video formats from 3G-SDI to ATSC; outputs are reclocked to ensure video quality and integrity.

Booth: SU6318

Electronic Program Guide software

NVerzion NGuide

Automation tool designed specifically for the EPG market leverages a pre-built schedule; allows the broadcaster to select multiple daily schedules to create a compatible text-formatted list; this list can then be published to the customer’s EPG Web server to ensure accurate timing and advance scheduling for the viewers. 

Booth: N4325

LED light
Frezzi HyLight

Compact, travel friendly all-weather studio-quality portable LED light for news, field production and studios; powered by AC mains or standard broadcast snap-on or V-mount camera batteries; output is fully dimmable without color shift; features interchangeable LED power modules to change beam angle and color temperature in seconds.

Booth: C7936

Multi-screen delivery module
Appear TV Multi-screen and OTT module

Capable of simultaneously preparing multiple signals from any input source in multiple formats for distribution to an HD TV in the home, a high-resolution computer screen, and lower-resolution Web- and mobile-based profiles; accommodates different bit rates for each destination device; modular chassis can accept Appear TV-designed DRM-key handling and conditional-access scrambling modules.

Booth: SU7605

Vela Research UltraStreamHD Encoder

Enables high-performance, continuous encoding with high-quality video at extremely low bit rates; ideally suited for live events and streaming applications; uses a system-on-IC design to eliminate the need for a host PC; comes in a half-length PCIe x 1 form factor.

Booth: C2330


Sencore SMD 989 DVB-S/S2 modulator

Offers reliability for all types of satellite digital video delivery applications; intuitive user and remote interfaces ensure fast setup and quick field operation; supports ASI and IP inputs; the latest software release also adds TR 101 290 analysis and programmable failover capabilities for high-confidence integration into an always-on headend environment.

Booth: SU2616

Subtitle encoding software
Softel Swift ReSync TiGo

Automatically assigns timecodes to subtitle and caption content, allowing the operator to focus on text manipulation; uses patented Nexidia audio analysis logic, as well as Softel’s shot-change assessment system and reading speed algorithms, to create timings accurately in the same way that a human operator would.

Booth: N2531

Notification system
SGL Notification Service

Using a simple subscription setup, the Notification Service announces the arrival of new material to the controlling MAM system; pushes relevant data to the MAM describing material archived based on rules selected by the broadcaster.

Booth: N1520

Video display

TV One C3-540 CORIO master

Designed to offer a new, more efficient approach to building video systems; combines edge blending, video wall processing, multiviewing and windowing with up-, down- and crossconversion in one 4RU device; a high-quality modular video matrix is built-in using CORIO softswitch.

Booth: SL9416

Broadcast management module
MYERS ProTrack On-Demand

Module within ProTrack TV’s broadcast management system enables media facilities to build, schedule, track and publish program and sales packages, as well as provide transcode requests for station-defined distribution platforms and needs such as mobile, Internet, cable and DVD.

Booth: N6415

Hybrid universal transceiver

Designed to increase the transmission distances of HD cameras that can be distance-limited by hybrid copper/fiber cabling; ideal for remote broadcasting, sports, shared control rooms, campus facilities, and arena and stadium applications; cost-effectively enables full camera operation in even the most rugged broadcasting environments.

Booth: C10339

MAM platform

NETIA Content Management System (CMS)

Allows users to manage all processes within the global production environment through one unique and straightforward interface; connects users with all of their partners and vendors within a single production ecosystem, simplifying the sharing and managing of media assets; a new recording feature lets users schedule specific recordings or continuous channel ingest.

Booth: SU4911

Business management system

Pilat Media IBMS Omnicast

Stand-alone system for nonlinear operations such as VOD, OTT TV and catch-up TV; includes a service matrix for multi-platform delivery; this tool allows broadcasters to schedule content once at the top level, and have the system automatically create offers on each linked delivery outlet, applying appropriate rights checks based on the requirements of each platform.

Booth: N6224

Social media management
Ross Video Social Media Management V5

Allows users to take control of social media, providing a single tool to create, publish and incorporate content from Twitter, Facebook or the web into productions; new version adds a one-time search engine, which allows users to quickly identify relevant social content; polling support provides graph-based outputs of Twitter polls that can be brought to air using XPression graphics systems.

Booth: N3808

Media content exchange
Tedial Media Amigo

Cloud exchange platform facilitates interchange of content among users or systems located in different sites; once files become available, they are automatically delivered to subscribers in their own working format regardless of the native format of the originating media.

Booth: N5833

Video synchronizer

Crystal Vision SYNNER 310

Now includes Dolby E encoding; works with 3Gb/s, HD and SD sources; can embed and de-embed a mixture of up to four groups of AES and two groups of analog audio at the same time, with full audio routing, audio and video processing, Dolby E handling, integrated fiber connectivity and flexible delay compensation; can be fitted with a DBE-E Dolby encoder top board.

Booth: N1523


Programmable audio patchbay
Bittree 969-S Series Programmable Audio Patchbay

Patented front-panel programmable design allows for quick and easy changes to the normal, and grounding for the entire patchbay or for individual circuits; switched ground design maximizes reliability by eliminating differences in ground potential; normals can be changed to full-normal, half-normal or non-normal, and grounding can be changed to switched or bussed.

Booth: SU6521

Intercom system
Stagetec Delec oratis

Can be used to create compact systems featuring as few as eight ports or more than 4000, all accessible simultaneously; employs principle of distributed intelligence, which guarantees fast response times, even on large systems, without losing confidence or security.

Booth: C2050

Integrated receiver-decoder

ATEME Kyrion DR5000

Supports MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 up to 4:2:2 10-bit with low latency; offers software upgrades from SD to HD and also from 4:2:0 to 4:2:2 chrominance; based on FPGA hardware; robust, lightweight, with a constant video monitoring front panel.

Booth: SU7102

Surround audio processor
DaySequerra MultiMerge2

Provides surround sound for HDTV viewers, as well as stereo sound for SDTV transmission whether the original content is stereo or discrete 5.1 surround; will up-mix stereo or encoded stereo content to surround sound using the DTS Neural Surround UpMix process, as well as rendering a Lt/Rt output of 5.1 discrete audio using the DTS Neural Surround DownMix process.

Booth: N3839

Fibre Channel host bus adapters

ATTO Technology Celerity series

Capable of data rates up to 16Gb/s and transfer rates up to 6400MB/s; connects via PCIe 3.0 bus; latency-management features include Advanced Data Streaming (ADS) Technology; ships with benchmarking utility so that performance can be verified.

Booth: SL7613

Ultra-motion system

Extreme slow-motion mode operates at frame rates up to 2600fps in 1080i50 or up to 5600fps in 720p60 (100 times slower than live action) with instant replay for sports productions requiring higher frame rate levels; fully integrates ultra-slow-motion for live HD broadcast production.

Booth: C4742

Davis & Sanford Artisan Tripod Series

Light, strong and compact; offers versatility for nature and sports shooters on the go; maximum working height of 60in; ideal for DSLR, mirrorless, point-and-shoot cameras; features include easy glide center post, three-section flip locks (model AR3C-60), four-section flip locks (Model AR4C-60), three independent angles, foam grip cushioned, insulated legs and rubber nonslip feet.

Booth: C8818, C9015

Video encoder/decoder

Fujitsu IP encoders

New firmware release improves end-to-end latency for IP-9610, IP-900 and IP-920 HD/SD H.264 video encoders/decoders while delivering exceptional picture quality at reduced bit rates; ideal for HD satellite newsgathering, broadcasting and IP streaming applications; now capable of operating at less than 99ms back-to-back latency.

Booth: SU7911

Cloud-based graphics creation
Chyron Axis World

Enhanced to simplify, streamline and facilitate graphics creation, enabling artists, reporters, production assistants and news producers to create high-quality broadcast graphics; integrated system allows users to create templates in Chyron Lyric PRO 8.5 software, further streamlining integration within the broadcaster’s existing workflow or within Chyron’s BlueNet workflow.

Booth: SL1010

LED light
Lowel Prime LED 800

Available in dedicated daylight or tungsten high-CRI color versions; almost twice the output of the 400, with 126ft-candles at 9ft, spread over wide 50-degree beam angle; DMX and manually dimmable, with tweakable color for critical balancing; silent fanless air convection cooling; rugged all-metal housing and accessory light controls.

Booth: C8818, C9015

Minnetonka AudioTools FOCUS

New platform is designed for automated, intelligent audio processing with easy operation; proven presets provide out-of-the-box functionality, and the simple user interface allows for customized DSP that fits unique client and workflow needs; provides complete loudness control that conforms to the CALM Act, ATSC A/85, and EBU R128.

Booth: SU8918

Virtual tracking EFP head

Shotoku Broadcast Systems SX300VR

Tracking pan-and-tilt head is designed as the perfect companion for the TP200VR pedestal; features the company’s reliable and accurate VR tracking technology; designed to offer a continuously adjustable perfect-counterbalance system; VISCAM ultimate fluid drag system ensures smooth, adjustable pan-and-tilt drag with enhanced torque.

Booth: C9032

Live streaming production

Matrox VS4

Quad HD capture and ISO recording card for Telestream Wirecast for Windows live streaming production software; provides in a single PCIe slot up to four independent HD inputs with up to eight embedded audio channels per source; not only sends video feeds to Wirecast for streaming, but also simultaneously provides ISO recording of all the original video and audio feeds to disk — ready for post-event editing.

Booth: SL4616

Turnkey video streaming system

Telestream Wirecast Turnkey Solution

Brings high-quality, multicamera live video production and broadcasting capabilities to to live event producers; uses Matrox VS4 four-channel capture card; provides ISO recording of all video feeds for post-event editing and future archiving.

Booth: SL2605

Graphics control
Molden Media M2Control

Modular, template-based, scalable control and playout application geared for real-time graphics systems; interfaces to data feeds and databases; integrates into the broadcast infrastructure and supports automatic failover; new features include Ventuz support, advanced playlist handling, extended user management and logging.

Booth: SL6830

Streaming video
Teradek VidiU

Miniature HDMI H.264 encoder can mount on top of a camera and offers a variety of network interface options, such as Ethernet, dual-band MIMO WiFi (2.4/5GHz) and support for 3G/4G USB modems; includes a built-in Li-Ion battery with up to two hours of run-time; features a unique Access Point mode that allows users to set up and monitor their live broadcast locally from an iOS device.

Booth: C9939

MPEG TS monitor
Volicon Observer 7.1

Newly enhanced to accommodate an even broader array of inputs, Observer line supports ASI, QAM, 8-VSB, DVB-T/T2 and DVB-T MPEG TS interfaces; available on all Observer TS systems — including Enterprise, Pro, and Scout systems —new interface simplifies deployment and configuration for receiving off-air channels.

Booth: SU8518

Wireless mic
Sennheiser DIGITAL 9000

Easy to set up and operate; mic heads and lavalier mics available for the transmitters let users tailor the system to their application; features an eight-channel digital receiver covering the UHF spectrum from 470MHz to 798MHz; also incorporates handheld and bodypack transmitters, and a remote-controlled antenna booster.

Booth: C3217

JPEG 2000 codec
intoPix JPEG 2000 Ultra-low latency

Minimizes contribution latency and optimizes bandwidth without compromising; less than one frame latency for the full encoding-decoding process without any visual loss of quality; ideal interface for SMPTE 2022 video over IP.

Booth: C4742

Monitor patchbay

Bittree 3 x 32 Mini-WECO Monitor Patchbay

Innovative design that adds an additional monitor row to the traditional Mini-WECO patchbay without exceeding the 2RU panel height; since engineers can now use the third row as a test point, this design has enabled new applications for patching.

Booth: SU6521


Camera bags
Domke Next Generation series

Made of soft, fashionable canvas that molds to the body for a comfortable fit when on the go; interchangeable pocket inserts let shooters custom-tailor their bag to fit all the accessories they need, protecting gear and providing easy and convenient access to it in even the most action-packed situations.

Booth: C8818, C9015

Portable video switcher
Livestream Studio HD 500

Provides live video mixing for multi-camera productions; features up to five HD/SD SDI inputs and five video outputs (HD/SD SDI, HDMI, component, composite and s-video); switcher is full field-rate multiview to allow users to preview their cameras in real time with audio levels; can perform live transitions and live audio mixing, as well as graphics overlay and titling.

Booth: SL10716

Fiber-optic transport system
MultiDyne 4K-4000

Designed to address the tremendous data requirements involved with delivering 4K digital television; enables users to transport a 4K signal over one single-mode fiber; cost-effective unit it portable or rack-mountable; a card version is also available for the openGear platform with SNMP management and redundant power.

Booth: C10339

Sports post-production system
Orad Hi-Tec Systems PowerPlay

Turnkey post-production system for managing live sports productions; capabilities include ingest and instant highlight editing integrated through a dedicated sports media asset management platform; provides complete system for large-scale sporting events, offering fast turnaround of content and advanced data management tools.

Booth: SL5709

SDI/HDMI decoder
VSI D1000

Supports SDI (3G/HD/SD) and HDMI outputs, including full 1080p60; bridges the gap between expensive IRDs and consumer STBs; will fit into the same chassis systems (MPP1700 and MPP200) as all other VSI blade encoders.

Booth: SU6021

Video recorder

Sound Devices PIX 240 and 240i

Both the 240 and 240i now have the ability to record into Apple Pr