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16x9 unveils Bebob Box-VM

16x9’s new Bebob Box-VM carrier for a V-Mount power supply attaches to the base plate of the Panasonic HVX-200 and other compact HDV cameras.

Similar in design to the Box-FS and Box-HVR carriers, the Bebob Box-VM is designed to hold an IDX V-Mount battery, such as the Endura 7 or Endura 7S. The 14.4V battery power can be supplied directly or converted to 8.4V and is distributed to the system’s 1-D-Tap and three hirose four-pin outputs.

The Box-VM also features an additional dimmable D-Tap for powering a camera light and serves as a voltage/power adapter between the battery and the camera and its accessories. The three hirose four-pin connectors deliver 8.4V/12V for the camera’s power supply and the wireless microphone receiver.

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