1 Beyond, Tarari present joint live HD Internet video system

1 Beyond and Tarari are jointly offering a workstation-class, hardware-accelerated system capable of processing live HD footage, using Microsoft’s VC1 compression algorithm for real-time full HD resolution Internet broadcast.

Microsoft’s VC1 encoder software can take advantage of the unique parallel encoding approach that the Tarari and Intel processors are capable of, where each shares part of the encoding workload.

While the 1 Beyond HD OctoFlex system’s Dual Quad-Core Intel Xeon (a total of eight) processors prepare frames for encoding, the Tarari processors handle motion estimation and compensation calculations. Meanwhile, the next frames are being prepared for processing by the HD OctoFlex system.

The efficient combination of these two technologies enables the processing of a live HD-SDI input in real-time at high complexity.

For more information, visit: www.1Beyond.com and www.tarari.com.