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Front Porch Digital spotlights DIVAdirector 5.1

At IBC2012, Front Porch Digital featured updates for its DIVAdirector media asset management (MAM) system that make it easier for a media organization with a DIVArchive system to manage its digital files, especially if it is using Front Porch Digital’s new LYNX platform.

Version 5.1 addresses LYNX-specific workflows and requirements, such as site awareness, which allows a single DIVAdirector system to show the enterprise content view of assets stored in different archive systems, including local, networked, cloud-based or any combination, with integrated user permissions controlling access.

DIVAdirector V5.1, available as a cloud service or licensed locally, has enhanced integration with other components in Front Porch Digital’s DIVASolutions product line, including SAMMA for content migration, DIVAnet for managing multiple DIVArchive systems across a wide area network (WAN), and DIVApublish mpxfor taking media to market.