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Calling it a “new generation newsroom computer system“, the Octopus Newsroom company presented its new product Octopus6 capable of using independent platforms simultaneously, reaching free operating systems. According to Octopus Newsroom company CEO, Petr Stokuc, the Octopus6 is expected to find wider use among users in broadcasting, where the independancy of platforms and the fast access to information are key issues.

Octopus 6 brings a brand new Apple FCP plug-in that gives users full access to stories and scripts while editing a video footage. With this feature the users will be able to edit both video and text at the same time on one screen.

There are many new features as well as further fine-tuning from Octopus5 that can bring even more friendly working environment, detailed customisation and improved work with media to create the workflow that best meets the user’s requirements.


About OCTOPUS Newsroom: OCTOPUS Newsroom is European Company, established

in 1998, focused mainly on Newsroom Computer System development and providing the

support for its customers. OCTOPUS is well known for its simple, yet very intuitive and

powerful user interface based on the revolutionary ideas of their users, while

implementing all the features necessary for effective and efficient day-to-day newsroom

operation. Running in newsrooms all around the world, many of which are 24/7 news

channels OCTOPUS proves to be a possible substitute for any other NRCS system on the

market. With wires, faxes, emails, web feeds, story scripting, approval statuses,

automatic rundown scheduling and many other small, but very useful features, OCTOPUS

helps more than 1000 users daily to bring their latest news on air. OCTOPUS integrates

with all widely-known automation, asset management, graphics and prompting solutions,

supporting latest MOS specifications.

Besides OCTOPUS6, additional products are available for the market: OCTOPUS FIELD

REPORTER, a platform-independent offline client; OCTOPUS VIDEO TWISTER, a videomedia management tool;


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