Digigram's New AQORD *LINK Offers Attractively Priced High-Quality Encoding for IP Video Contribution and Distribution

GRENOBLE, France -- April 4, 2012 -- Digigram has launched AQORD *LINK, a flexible new solution for encoding, decoding, storing, transcoding, and streaming broadcast quality video. The AQORD *LINK was developed for high-quality IP video and broadcast applications such as content contribution (point to point) -- from a live event to a studio, one studio to another, studio to transmitter, or delivery to a Content Distribution Network (CDN). AQORD *LINK is also suitable for IPTV distribution -- corporate, hospitality or video distribution from ISPs to end users' set-top boxes (STBs).

AQORD *LINK delivers dual channels of broadcast-quality SD/HD streaming video at data rates of 0.5 to 20Mb/s using MPEG-TS encapsulation. Featuring an internal 1TB hard drive for storage, and three gigabit Ethernet RTP-UDP/IP ports for transmitting/receiving streams in either unicast or multicast, the compact 1U/19" rack mounted AQORD *LINK delivers outstanding flexibility for broadcast, telecommunications, and contribution applications.

The device is easy to set up and monitor through the local HMI front panel or remotely from any Web enabled PC or XML API, letting users start, stop, and manage profiles remotely through the Web interface. Additionally, users can display hardware status messages on chassis cooling temperatures, fan speeds, and alarms.

AQORD *LINK delivers 99.99% operational reliability, and its advanced, industrial-grade design ensures highly dependable performance, with low power consumption technology.

"AQORD *LINK leverages Digigram's great expertise in IP solutions for audio media, and distills the latest technology advances into the first of our new products for broadcast video," said Philippe Delacroix, CEO of Digigram. "It's a highly versatile solution -- in a convenient and compact package -- that will deliver high-quality performance in a wide range of applications."

More information about this and other Digigram products is available at www.digigram.com or by phone at 33 (0)4 76 52 53 01.

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