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Moving Media Opens New Expanded L.A. Studio & Encoding Facilities

Leading video encoding specialist Moving Media is moving to a new specially expanded studio in Woodland Hills Los Angeles on September 1st 2008. The existing state-of-the-art facilities for encoding from tape to file and transcoding of existing digital assets, will be boosted by the addition of several new video capture / encode bays, and a dramatically expanded machine inventory that includes legacy SONY U-Matic formats, JVC SVHS, and Pioneer Laserdisc.

The new studio will be well-equipped to produce output for formats including iPod, IPTV, or Archival and with support for all-important DRM-enabled encoding. Moving Media ensure high quality video outputs from all legacy formats through conditioning via a baseband video processor that stabilizes video levels, clamps out low frequency interference, and automatically corrects Luminance-to-Chrominance Inequality providing the best possible results capable of rivaling DV outputs.

The establishment of the new studio follows the appointment of a talented video encoding team that includes Studio Principal, Bruce Maddox who has over 30 years experience of sound production, television scoring and studio design expertise. The LA studio has previously used Digital Rapids technology for fine editing, progressive scan and audio remastering techniques to enhance content originally recorded up to 80 years ago.

Moving Media new studios have also undertaken a range of audio upgrades that include full Dolby Digital, Pro Logic and Pro Logic Plus encode and decode paths. Real time noise reduction, proprietary spectral enhancement, and channel phase correction are now available inline. Studio Principle, Bruce Maddocks says “These improvements not only increase the end user listening experience on any play back system, but insure consistent adherence to strict industry audio delivery standards.”

“Our expanded operations in the US are in line with increased demand from our customers in Los Angeles, the specialized service and attention to detail that we offer is a big hit with companies who are seeking to deliver digital video at the highest quality.” said Simon Factor, Managing Director, “the fact that we only offer video encoding, outside of the standard post production service rate card, is getting peoples attention. With such a strong team at our LA studios once we have demonstrated our technical ability people come back for the personal and efficient service they receive.”