Axon showcases Cortex Monitoring & Control System

In today’s multi-platform, multi-purpose broadcast world the need to repackage content demands that you master a broad diversity of workflows. Cortex, an imaginative software-based control platform developed by Axon, enables you to do this easily and cost-effectively.

What’s the big deal about AXON Cortex?The latest version of AXON’s Cortex software application makes the implementation of multiple video and audio signal paths easier, more efficient and cost-effective than ever. Cortex provides comprehensive tools to configure, monitor and maintain a diversity of devices including Axon’s Synapse range of control modules and other third-party products. Consequently, you take total control over multiple and complex routines involving numerous users. Ultimately, you can configure your workflow exactly how you wish, to meet your production needs.

Like all AXON products, the evolution of Cortex has been heavily influenced by customer feedback. As a result, alongside its elegant feature set and extensive functionality, Cortex is also highly-customisable and intuitive to operate. Flexibility is essential. Cortex delivers a common control and monitoring interface for 290+ processing modules found in the market-leading Synapse range, plus a wealth of devices from different manufacturers – such as routers, waveform monitors, receiver decoders – using SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).

Lower cost of ownershipA trademark characteristic of AXON systems is reduced total cost of ownership. Cortex is supplied free-of-charge with any order or can be downloaded. Even on costed options, its comprehensive functionality and user-friendliness combine to reduce the need for manual intervention, offering you huge savings.