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OmniBus iTX Announces 1080p24 Playout

DENVER — Sept. 12, 2008 — OmniBus Systems, the award-winning provider of comprehensive broadcast automation and content management solutions, today announced ground-breaking support for 1080p24 playout capability with iTX, the most full-featured and powerful solution available for automation and playout in broadcast, IPTV, mobile TV, disaster recovery and business continuity applications.

“This is a significant breakthrough for the industry, bringing to an end the unprecedented situation in which consumers with full HD sets have the capacity to receive a better quality of image than broadcasters can deliver,” said Ian Fletcher, CTO, OmniBus Systems. “Because iTX is an open-architecture, software-driven system, we’ve been able to meet the challenge of 1080p24 more rapidly than other manufacturers, and the first 1080p24 broadcast services are not far off as a result. This solution gives broadcasters all the elements they need to run a full 1080p24 solution out of the box from encoding and asset management through to master control effects, graphics, and caption generation.”

Being launched at IBC2008, the latest version of iTX provides a comprehensive and powerful production, automation and playout solution, outstripping the capabilities of the conventional broadcast playout chain. With an exceptional ability to integrate with third party systems and an open IT-based architecture, iTX delivers the most versatile and rapidly evolving solution available while significantly reducing the investment required to launch and operate high-quality channels.

iTX delivers a highly scalable and configurable solution for a wide variety of applications, with over 130 channels in operation at broadcasters and media organizations worldwide, ranging from Chellomedia, Microsoft® and DIRECTV to Star TV, H3G and Videohouse.

Shipping from IBC2008, iTX 1.2 delivers hundreds of enhancements and new features including schedule preview; Omneon reference file support that allows content to be read directly from Omneon servers and played out by iTX; multiple language support with instant language track re-assignment and support for language track stacking; exceptionally flexible audio engine with native Dolby® surround encoding and input/output remapping; support for multi-regional breaks and opt-outs; automated insertion of evergreen content for disaster recovery; capabilities for newsflash and roll-under situations; closed captions; enhanced control of a wide range of external devices such as routers, VTRs, subtitlers and graphics systems; increased integration with OPUS content management; and live instant random access playback for news and sports programming.

More information about OmniBus Systems’ digital asset management, automation and transmission technology is available online at

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About OmniBus Systems

OmniBus Systems provides broadcasting, cable and satellite organizations with comprehensive automation and media content management solutions that address every area of television-related operations. Its newsroom, content and workflow automation solutions include acquisition and recording of rich media material, low-resolution editing, media asset management and playout. OmniBus is a global company with headquarters in the United Kingdom and offices in the United States and Singapore. More information is available at