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Company Bridges the Gap between Automation Platforms and Trafficking and Rights Systems

AMSTERDAM, SEPTEMBER 11, 2011 — RadiantGrid Technologies, the developer of leading-edge transcoding, transformation and New Media Automation service platforms, is pleased to announce that its New Media Automation Platform now supports BXF and other open standards to work along with many of the industry’s broadcast trafficking and rights systems. This new functionality will be on display at IBC 2011 (Stand 8.D29).

As content is disseminated in various distribution formats, with each providing an opportunity for a separate ad placement, proper organization and coordination is essential. The company has enlisted the services of Metaglue to help build the RadiantGrid BXF Gateway. This gateway adapts the current RadiantGrid REST web services API into a constrained BXF model, following in the footsteps of traditional BXF integration strategies. This allows files from the RadiantGrid Platform to easily integrate with some of the industry’s leading trafficking and rights manufacturers: BroadView, Myers Information Systems and ProConsultant.

“The evolution of BXF is enabling bi-directional models between business systems like traffic and rights platforms as well as modern processing and automation systems like the RadiantGrid New Media Automation Platform,” says Kirk Marple, president and chief software architect of RadiantGrid Technologies. “VOD and non-linear content is now being pre-scheduled for distribution to more outlets than ever before. As a result, broadcast trafficking systems are becoming an important element of these new workflows. By offering support of these current and emerging standards, we are helping our users integrate the largest variety of trafficking rights systems with our platform.”

Through the latest version of the RadiantGrid platform, intelligent scheduling of production material for future workflow and distribution management is possible. Users are now able to pre-define and schedule ad placement, lower thirds, branding and other NLE-driven functions within the RadiantGrid Platform. With the operational alarms built into the platform, notifications will be triggered when errors occur or a file assigned for processing does not exist.

One of the next actions by RadiantGrid and Metaglue is MS-06, the integration of BXF with MXF, which provides compatibility between BXF 1.0 (SMPTE S2021-2008) messages and MXF files. Users will be able to update and extract information from their MXF libraries along with other useful workflow models around MXF.

“BXF is gaining steam within the industry and, with SMPTE embracing the integration of BXF with MXF, Metaglue is pleased to be involved with the development of these BXF/MXF transactions for RadiantGrid users as part of the RadiantGrid BXF Gateway,” says Oliver Morgan, president of Metaglue Corporation.

About RadiantGrid Technologies:

RadiantGrid Technologies is an independent software vendor which develops and markets the RadiantGrid Platform – a leading-edge media workflow services platform targeting Broadcast & Cable Operators, Content Owners, Advertising Vendors, Digital Cinema Companies, and User-Generated Content Portals. The RadiantGrid Platform provides media transformation capabilities including grid-enabled transcoding, multi-format transcoding, multi-track assembly, standards conversion, and closed caption extraction and upconversion, in addition to metadata management, storage management, and media publishing.

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