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Genesis Networks Announces Collaboration With EVS on New Service Offering Web Access to OB-Generated Video Assets

NEW YORK — Sept. 12, 2008 — Genesis Networks today announced that it has collaborated with EVS, the recognized leader in digital video systems for live and near-live production, to develop a service offering that gives broadcasters seamless and efficient access to live broadcasted media during sports events. The new XT[2]web solution links OB vehicles and other remote broadcasting sites with the EVS XT[2] production server via the Genesis Networks global fiber infrastructure.

With Genesis Networks providing the IP transport mechanism, XT[2]web offers broadcasters and media providers unprecedented clip browsing and access to video assets originating from a live OB production environment. Clips generated on an OB's XT[2]s are instantly transferred and transcoded as low-resolution copies over the Internet to the broadcasting center. A new EVS Web browser interface provides fast, easy, and intuitive access to the clips from any local station connected to the Web, and operators can search for clips based on metadata such as date, timecode, or keyword. The user can retrieve all related and available camera angles via a thumbnail display interface for quick review.

"With this new solution, we're able to offer our customers greater ability to access and use live video assets originating from OB units," said Luc Doneux, EVS' general manager for the Asia-Pacific regions and Major Events. "By providing a bulletproof, high-performance fiber link, Genesis Networks is the perfect solution for the transmission component of XT[2]web."

The Genesis Networks-EVS partnership developed out of a realization that the two companies share many well-known customers in the sports broadcasting space, including a major sports network. The XT[2]web solution is targeted to sport broadcasters, sport federations, and organizations who want to maximize their EVS installations by extending Web access via the Genesis Networks infrastructure. The XT[2]web hardware and software are available from EVS and the transmission link is sold separately by Genesis Networks, but the combined solution has been fully tested and validated by both companies.

"Sports broadcasters and media providers are constantly on the lookout for efficient solutions that increase and facilitate their access to video assets during live events, such as different camera angles and highlights," said Paul Dujardin, president and CEO of Genesis Networks. "By providing Web access to clips and media produced in live OB trucks, this joint solution enables broadcasters to enrich their productions and engage viewers with multi-dimensional content. As the industry leader in production media servers for sports broadcasters, EVS was the ideal partner for us to be able to extend these capabilities to our customers."

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About EVS (

EVS Broadcast Equipment is a leader in the design of hardware and software for the production and playout of sports, news, and TV programs in both live and near-live environments. Its innovative Live Slow Motion system revolutionized live broadcasting and its technology is now widely used in nonlinear editing and high-definition television across the television broadcast market worldwide. The company sells its branded products in more than 70 countries and is capable of providing service in any region. The company has offices in Belgium, France, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Spain, and the United States.

About Genesis Networks

Genesis Networks provides broadcasters, cable networks, production companies, and corporations with high-quality customized global video transmission services that are reliable, flexible, and affordable. The Genesis Networks platform is a next-generation, IP-based fiber and satellite video network with cutting-edge switching and compression technologies. With more than 170 locations worldwide and growing, many organizations can now take advantage of Genesis services. The company's network operations center in New York City maintains the health and standards of the global network while the Genesis proprietary software system, IRIS, allows clients to have remote, real-time network monitoring, scheduling, and control capabilities. For additional information on Genesis Networks and its innovative products, please visit