DFT Digital Film Technology Certifies Rorke Galaxy Aurora Storage for Digital Film & Archive Workflows

DFT Digital Film Technology, provider of high-end film and digital post production solutions that preserve, manage, and deliver your pictures, has officially certified the Rorke Data Galaxy Aurora RAID and SAN storage devices for a variety of digital film and archive workflows.

By certifying the Rorke storage solutions and creating this technology partnership, DFT Digital Film Technology is providing post production and archive facilities with another RAID or SAN option that seamlessly integrates with the SCANITY film scanner and FLEXXITY software tools.

The combined solution of the Rorke Galaxy Aurora storage solutions, SCANITY film scanner, and FLEXXITY post production software boosts the data transfer and access speeds. This increase of speed optimizes any post production workflow, regardless of the files types being ingested, manipulated, or played out.

A single Rorke Galaxy Aurora Storage system supports three streams of 2K or one stream of 4K, and connects 48TB to 8 SAN Clients without an expensive Fibre Switch. The Rorke solutions have been designed for Archive & Restoration, DI, color correction, 3D, RAW, & 4K workflows. In addition the units provide unique storage management features including: performance tuning, error tracking, and bandwidth allocation.

Ideal for 2K or 4K Dailies:

Facilities who are looking for an accelerated Dailies workflow that supports parallel processing will find an optimized solution with FLEXXITY Dailies software working alongside the Rorke Galaxy Aurora storage. FLEXXITY Dailies provides native support for DPX, R3D, ARRIRAW, QuickTime, MXF and many other file formats. The software performs image and audio synchronization of dailies material, timeline editing, color correction, image scaling, and supports parallel workflows for higher throughput and efficiency. Galaxy Aurora supports FLEXXITY by providing a high-speed RAID or SAN solution with sustained transfer rates of up to 1200 MB/s depending on drive utilization. Parallel processing is a key component to the rich feature set this combined solution offers. All workstations in a facility connected to the SAN have access to the digital files and a variety of tasks can be performed concurrently.

Ideal for Archive:

In addition to traditional post production environments, the technology combination of the DFT SCANITY film scanner with FLEXXITY Archive software and Galaxy Aurora storage is certified for archive applications. SCANITY handles fragile archive film gently due in part to its touch-free optical perforation detection, where no mechanical pins touch the film. SCANITY is a high-speed scanner; 25 fps for 2K and 15 fps for 4K, so when it’s coupled with the Galaxy Aurora storage solutions, archive facilities are assured of a speedy and efficient data management film scanning, data management and storage workflow.

Stefan Kramper, Managing Director of DFT commented;”We partner with leading industry manufacturers like Rorke to offer our customers certified, powerful and cost effective solutions instead of black boxes which don’t work together. This ensures that our products perfectly integrate with our customer’s production environment which ensures maximum efficiency and reliability.”

Bob Herzan, Vice President of Sales at Rorke Data commented; “The Galaxy Aurora and HyperFS combination is one of the few RAID/SAN solutions designed specifically for Rich Media applications. DFT’s SCANITY is a very demanding application and their support and continued commitment to Rorke Data and our storage solutions is a great tribute to Rorke and our product line. Rorke and DFT recently joined forces to supply 3 Aurora’s (over 100TB) in a HyperFS SAN configuration to Kava (The National Archive of Finland). This high powered SAN will be used to support their 4K file based workflow. ”