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Full-Service Creative Agency Utilizes Shared Storage Technology to Maximize Productivity

From developing 3D animation to providing hi-def video production, Imageworks offers innovative solutions in design, custom training and interactive applications to its diverse client-base. Specializing in branding, interactive, motion, photography and print projects, Imageworks' creative team is seeing greater efficiency and improved project management since the recent installation of shared storage technology from Small Tree.

Prior to installing Small Tree's GraniteSTOR Ethernet-based system, featuring unique OS X networking capabilities supporting multiple Ethernet ports that tightly integrate with Apple's built in file sharing system, Imageworks was limited to two unconnected Final Cut editing suites. Today, the company has increased its editing capabilities by more than 100 percent, as the Small Tree technology has enabled Imageworks to introduce three part-time editing workstations in its facility. As a result, productivity has been increased substantially, according to Brad Steiner, senior producer.

"The biggest problem we had with our old system was that editors were tied down into using one of two rooms no matter where they were with the project," said Steiner. "With Small Tree's Gigabit Ethernet solution editors now can handle minor projects on a Macbook in an office, rather than having to reserve time in our main editing suites. This flexibility allows us to complete projects more quickly."

Incorporating Small Tree's PEG6, a 6-port Ethernet card with the Edge-corE ES4528V, a 28-port Gigabit Ethernet switch, GraniteSTOR offers Imageworks Fibre Channel performance at a fraction of the cost.

"We work with regional clients who have tight production budgets, so affordability of the solution was essential for a company of our size," Steiner continued. "The resulting inner-connectivity of our workstations and streamlined workflow has been flawless, with not one dropped frame."

Designer of simple-to-install, affordable Mac-based networking and shared storage products, Small Tree is the premier multi-port Ethernet networking technology provider for OS X customers, enabling cost effective Ethernet shared storage technology. For more information about the company and its products, please call 1-866-STC4MAC (1-866-782-4622), or visit or follow Small Tree on Twitter @smalltreecomm.