Haivision KulaByte 4.0 live transcoder offers Linux-based cloud transcoding

Haivision introduced its KulaByte 4.0 software for efficient high-quality cloud transcoding at the 2012 NAB Show.

KulaByte is a software-based live H.264 video transcoder that delivers high-quality RTMP Dynamic Streaming for Flash video and Adaptive HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) for iOS devices. Now available for both Linux and Windows, KulaByte 4.0 delivers significant gains in transcoding performance.

With KulaByte 4.0, Haivision has migrated its transcoding engine to Linux to simplify deployment of the software within cloud computing environments.

KulaByte 4.0 Linux-support combines a 30 percent performance gain and a 30 percent to 40 percent cost reduction when deployed in cloud environments, such as Amazon’s EC2. Additionally, the transcoder introduces a simplified user interface and support for closed captioning, ad insertion and ingest of H.264 in MPEG-2 Transport Stream encapsulation.