Belden HDMI Cable - Your solution to superior digital video and audio quality for your home theatre

In today’s fast pace entertainment media market, there is one element that is rapidly evolving – home theatre, an exciting option which is providing customers with a total immersion viewing and listening experience.

The importance of home theatre devices is that they must be capable of sending and receiving a wide array of video and audio signal types in order to give customers that superior home viewing experience. This means that the selection of the cables to support the signal traffic is a critical one.

Why Choose a Belden HDMI Cable?

Belden’s HDMI Cable which was recently showed at CEDIA 2009 by Maser Communications, provides customers with a reliable interface between any audio/video source and any audio and/or video monitor in your home theatre setup as well as providing support for standard enhanced, or high definition video and multi-channel digital audio – all on a single assembly

As mentioned above its critical to choose a high quality cable for your high theatre devices if you want to achieve that superior viewing experience, a high quality HDMI cable such as Belden’s will provide you with a sharp, clear picture on your displays and accurate transmissions of data, however there are quite a few inferior cables on the market that haven’t been tested or certified to exact specifications as Belden products and as a result they include problems like pixel loss, colours not as deep as they should be, an increase of image graininess, the presence of artifacts and possibly even a loss of picture.

Belden HDMI cables are performance tested in advanced high definition applications based on 1080p (the highest resolution format used for broadcasting and consumer distribution of video content.) providing you with a sharp, clear picture on your displays and accurate transmissions of data, helping to ensure that you enjoy superior, uncompressed digital video and audio quality in your home theatre. As a result of this more audio – video professionals use Belden than any other cable brand.

Belden HDMI digital/audio cables can be used to connect HDMI sources to DVD players. Digital video recorders, broadband/cable set-top boxes, HC-DVD and Blu-ray players to displays like plasma screens, digital light projection or digital image light amplification devices and many more.

Maser Communications, a specialised Belden DNA partner have Belden’s HDMI cable now in stock at their Hampshire Warehouse, for further information contact the Maser sales team Ph: 01329 835 480 or email