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Chyron at NAB 2010

For Chyron, the news is about software. Michael Wellesley-Wesley, president and CEO, reviewed the company’s new graphics solutions and software today. Focusing on hyperlocal applications, Wesley illustrated his point by talking about how station KOMO-TV was applying the technology. The station has 52 neighborhoods in its hyperlocal coverage. He said that such performance capability is possible through Chyron technology and “resource recovery” provided by the company’s platforms.

Other announced several new products including new features for the AXIS cloud graphics platform. Chyron AXIS is the company’s software-as-a-service product. With the additions, users can:

• Store video assets along with stills.

• Obtain organization-wide storage usage and storage statistics.

• Find native support for Flash video.

Chyron’s HyperX3 has received several software upgrades to the Lyric PRO 8.0 software. New features include:

• Support for stereoscopic 3-D.

• Touch GraphX, allows on-camera people to move, size and transition background/screen images.

• Flash files can be directly rendered within the Lyric workflow. Files can also be rendered as QuickTime and .avi files.

• Live video can now be used a texture for animated objects.

• New Power Charts 2.0 options provide full control over all chart types, including bar and pie graph.

Chyron announced next-generation upgrades for both the LEX3 graphics system and the Channel Box 2 platform. Channel Box 2 provides more HD capabilities including three DVEs, VB scripting, API, XKeys Pro support, Dynamic image, and Movie replacement. The platform allows users to run squeezes live-to-air.

A new hardware/software graphics platform, Quintette, is built on Chyron’s Lyric real-time graphics system providing full intelligent transition and 3D animation. According to company officials, the LEX3 is ideally suited for the smaller broadcaster or mobile facility where advanced features and performance are key. The new system includes new options including touch-enabled graphics, integrated clips, DVE, and second video input. Chyron products are being demonstrated in booth LS 1420.

The Channel Box 2 platform now handles three HD DVEs, VB scripting, API, automatic file monitoring, XKeys Pro support, Dynamic image, and Movie replacement. Users can perform squeezes live-to-air.