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Microsoft's DVR Anywhere

My last meeting of the day on Tuesday was with Microsoft (opens in new tab). I met with Joe Seidel director, Global Partner Development, Microsoft TV. Seidal discussed the Microsoft Mediaroom Internet Protocol Television and multimedia platform, which he said is delivering video entertainment experiences to more than 1 million set-top boxes worldwide. In addition, he said its service provider customers are adding two new IPTV subscriber households every minute.

One of the developments of Microsoft Mediaroom that peaked my interest was DVR Anywhere. This allows viewers to begin watching a recorded program in one room and finish watching it in another. For instance, you could begin watching a movie in your family room, continue watching it on your kitchen TV while you're eating dinner, and then finish watching the same movie from your bedroom. But that's not all ... While you're finishing watching the movie from the comfort of your bedroom, someone else from your household can begin watching the same movie from a different TV in your house.

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