Electrosonic’s AV Expertise Showcased in Three TEA Thea Award-Winning Projects

For the second consecutive year, Electrosonic is proud to have participated in three projects that captured the Themed Entertainment Association's Thea Awards for Outstanding Achievement. Electrosonic, an international audio-visual company, was extensively involved with the ICT Mobile Device at the Information & Communications Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010, "Beyond All Boundaries" at the National World War II Museum, and "Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey" at Universal Orlando Resort. Electrosonic worked in concert with show designers and producers BRC Imagination Arts, The Hettema Group and Universal Creative respectively.

The Thea Awards recognize and honor excellence in creating outstanding visitor experiences, attractions, exhibits and places. Winners of the 17th annual Thea Awards were announced November 16 at the IAAPA trade show in Orlando; awards will be presented March 12 at a gala ceremony at the Globe Theatre, Universal Studios, Hollywood.

The ICT Mobile Device at the Information & Communications Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010 was awarded the Outstanding Achievement for the Integration of Technology and Storytelling. The ICT Mobile Device is a new and unique handheld personal communications device that interactively provided guests with additional content that enhances the main presentations in the pavilion, built by China Mobile and China Telecom and designed by BRC Imagination Arts. Electrosonic provided the initial research and specification for the handheld device and installed the 802.11 wireless network for the ICT, which enables visitors to interact with the pavilion's show elements, displays real-time video and offers a host of other interactive capabilities. The device itself was sourced, designed and programmed by Linkon, a Chinese technology company. Electrosonic employed Medialon Manager master controller to send cues via the wireless network to allow ICT-equipped visitors to follow in sync with all the shows.

Emmy winning digital media producer Mindi Lipschultz was engaged by BRC Imagination Arts to direct and produce the interactive content for the Pavilion. Working closely with Christian Lachel of BRC, some 80 animated and interactive media segments were created.

The Thea Awards cited "Beyond All Boundaries" the new immersive attraction at the Solomon Victory Theater in the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, with the award for Outstanding Achievement, Museum Attraction. Electrosonic provided producers The Hettema Group with AV and show control system design and integration.

The production featured a 115-foot wide projection scrim, life-size props, atmospheric effects and multi-plane (behind the screen) imagery to place visitors in the heart of a highly emotional, 4D cinema experience. The 4D technologies (giant screen, rumbling seats, snow falling and more) have been perfectly orchestrated to enhance and intensify, rather than distract from the story line.

"Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" is the feature attraction in "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" a new theme park land at Universal Orlando Resort.

The Thea Outstanding Achievement, Feature Attraction Award noted the massive scope of the Harry Potter attraction, its extraordinary detail and the level of showmanship that surpasses what is typically found in a major attraction and creates anticipation for what lies ahead - a ride like no other.

The "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" attraction was also awarded for Technical Achievement of the ride system that introduces a robotic arm, with seating bench where the hand should be, into a dimensional environment where sets, film and animated effects are traveled in, around and through in a seamless series of events.

Says Electrosonic's General Manager, Systems Integration, Chris Conte: "Once again we are delighted to have collaborated on three more TEA Thea award-winning projects. We congratulate our clients and everyone involved in these projects, and we recognize the contributions of our staff of technicians and engineers. We look forward to furthering our winning track record in the theme entertainment industry."

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