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Four minutes of video delay with Crystal Vision's ViViD HD-40

Crystal Vision has added a fourth variable video delay to its range with the introduction of the ViViD HD-40, designed for engineers who need to match any very long delays in their system. Featuring an 8 GB video store, it provides up to 43 seconds of delay in HD and 238 seconds in SD, and also excels at saving rack space by allowing 12 video delay modules to fit in just 2RU of rack space.

Most suited to profanity delays, ViViD HD-40 can also be used to match any equipment with a processing delay, including MPEG encoders and decoders, MPEG-compressed HD radio links and virtual studio graphics. The output timing is based on the video input, with flexible adjustments in seconds, frames, lines and pixels allowing the engineer to generate the exact delay required. ViViD HD-40 has a minimum delay of 12us in High Definition and 46us in Standard Definition.

ViViD HD-40 delays not just the active picture but the entire video stream with embedded audio and ancillary data staying with the associated video, allowing it to be used without restrictions in embedded areas. 16 presets can be assigned and recalled through GPIs, a time-saving feature which allows different delay values to be recalled automatically by the studio control system.

ViViD HD-40 is a space-saving 4 x 10.5 inches module which fits in Crystal Vision’s standard rack frames alongside any of the interface, keying or picture storage products, allowing 24 video delays to be housed in 4RU, 12 in 2RU, six in 1RU or two in a desk top box. It uses the RM44 frame rear module which gives three HD or SD outputs – potentially saving the engineer a distribution amplifier in his system design. The programme output is also protected with relay bypass protection of the input in the event of power failure or board malfunction or removal. Easy to set up and use, the flexible control options include board edge switches, an active front panel on the frame, a remote control panel, SNMP and the Statesman PC software.

Explained Crystal Vision’s Managing Director, Philip Scofield: “The ViViD HD-40 increases the freedom for broadcasters to economically use non-compressed video delay within the station design. Using only one position in the Crystal Vision rack frame and reliable solid state memory, there is now a ViViD for most delay applications.”

ViViD HD-40 joins Crystal Vision’s other long video delay, the ViViD HD-20 which provides 21 seconds of delay in HD delay and 119 seconds in SD – with both products based on solid-state fast reading and writing picture storage. With Crystal Vision providing a video delay for every application, the company’s other two video delays are the ViViD124 for two seconds of Standard Definition delay and the ViViD HD which provides half a second of delay in HD and three seconds in SD.

ViViD HD-40 is shipping now.

Based at Whittlesford near Cambridge in the UK, Crystal Vision provides digital keyers, picture storage modules and a full range of digital and analogue interface equipment including converters, synchronizers, distribution amplifiers and audio embedders to the professional broadcasting industry worldwide.