RadiantGrid Highlights AS-02 Support at the 2012 NAB Show

Transwrapping Function Expedites the Conversion of Archives to AS-02

LAS VEGAS, APRIL 18, 2012 — RadiantGrid Technologies, the developer of leading-edge transcoding, transformation and New Media Automation service platforms, will be highlighting its support of the AS-02 file format along with transwrapping functionality at the 2012 NAB Show (Booth SU7919). This support is built around a continued commitment by RadiantGrid to provide customers the most options for working with content throughout the production workflow, from pre-production through distribution.

AS-02 was developed by the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) to extend the MXF standard to address versioning for multichannel distribution. An AS-02 file allows multiple language audio channels and differently segmented video to be stored in one “bundle,” allowing files to be derived as needed. AS-02 video codec support includes MPEG-2, H.264 and JPEG2000. AS-02 can wrap multiple mono, stereo and surround audio tracks (PCM and compressed) and can also carry closed captions and other ancillary data. By keeping video and audio streams separate, it allows users in different parts of a broadcast facility to work on different elements of the program.

Through the RadiantGrid Platform, users have support for the variety of AS-02 formats for both input and output. Along with providing support for converting files to the AS-02 file format, RadiantGrid’s transwrapping functionality allows users to reuse the video and audio essences from other container formats (such as GXF) and simply repackage the essences into AS-02.

“With more productions being put together from several locations, and distribution formats constantly changing, more and more broadcasters and post-production houses are making the move over to AS-02,” says Kirk Marple, president, chief software architect, RadiantGrid Technologies. “The RadiantGrid Platform provides them with an effective and efficient way to update their archives. By passing through the video and audio essences and focusing all transformation processes on the container itself, files can be brought into the AS-02 file format quicker than if the file was completely reingested into the workflow and transcoded.”

About RadiantGrid Technologies:

RadiantGrid Technologies is an independent software vendor which develops and markets the RadiantGrid Platform – a leading-edge media workflow services platform targeting Broadcast & Cable Operators, Content Owners, Advertising Vendors, Digital Cinema Companies, and User-Generated Content Portals. The RadiantGrid Platform provides media transformation capabilities including grid-enabled transcoding, multi-format transcoding, multi-track assembly, standards conversion, and closed caption extraction and upconversion, in addition to metadata management, storage management, and media publishing.

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