Anevia over-the-top video servers enables CS Computer Systems to build AVIION cloud TV platform

Anevia announced that CS Computer Systems has chosen its over-the-top (OTT) solution for enabling the AVIION cloud TV platform.

Paris 8 February 2011

Anevia, a leader in video streaming solutions and service infrastructure for live TV and video on demand (VOD), today announced that CS Computer Systems has chosen its over-the-top (OTT) solution for enabling the AVIION cloud TV platform.

AVIION is a subscription based hosted service, built and managed by CS Computer Systems, that allows content owners to share, manage and monetize their digital assets across all Internet connected devices including set-top-boxes (STB)s, mobile phones, tablets, and web browsers.

AVIION relies on Anevia ViaMotion and ViaCache carrier-grade video servers. ViaMotion streams video across IP networks to multiple devices simultaneously and provides TV viewing features including time shifting, pause, and startover. ViaCache provides HTTP caching for efficient asset delivery and automatically adjusts image quality to bandwidth availability in order to ensure an optimal end-user viewing experience.

“AVIION is an advanced OTT cloud platform for telcos, broadcasters and news agencies, as well as smaller media-oriented companies,” said Hrvoje Šipek of CS Computer Systems. "It allows large-scale production companies to distribute their existing digitized media to a wide Internet audience on a variety of devices. Local organizations such as schools, shopping malls, hotels, sporting facilities and museums will benefit from its subscription-based architecture designed for fast deployment and minimal workloads. We are glad to have joined forces with Anevia on this project as its technology enabled us to develop AVIION into a package packed with features yet simple to administrate."

“Our work with CS Computers Systems and AVIION has given us the opportunity to build an OTT delivery platform that represents the future of television and allows content owners to focus on what they know best; their content,” said Tristan Leteurtre, CEO of Anevia.

About CS Computer Systems

The CS Computer Systems company was established in 1989 in Croatia’s capital city of Zagreb. Its primary business is related to planning, integration and maintenance of computer systems, communication technologies and multimedia, and technological consulting services. The vision of the CS Computer Systems company is to maximally utilize and collect experience in order to gain the reputation of an important regional integrator in the area of information and communication technology, consulting and service. However, the company is not limited to activities in the local region, but also aims to achieve a leadership position within the upcoming expanded European Union.

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About Anevia

Anevia provides video solutions and service infrastructure for the delivery of live and on-demand services to TV, PCs, and mobile devices. With over 1,000 deployments in 70 countries, representing millions of users and over 25,000 live channels, Anevia is a leader in delivering video solutions to telecom operators, broadcast service providers and the hospitality market.

Our solution portfolio includes DVB to IP gateways, time-shifting applications, OTT video delivery, and on-demand video servers. The 3Screens™ platform delivers VOD, NPVR, Catch-up, Start Over and Pause TV services across mobile phones, TVs and PCs.