AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS — RadiantGrid Technologies, the developer of leading-edge transcoding, transformation and new media automation service platforms, will be featuring the RadiantCoder, an affordable bundle of the company’s transcoding modules, at IBC 2010 (Stand 8.D29).

Ideal for smaller production houses or local broadcasters, the RadiantCoder offers users access to the RadiantGrid’s Multiplatform Transcoding, Content Management (with automatic metadata ingest), Program Assembly, as well as to the RadiantGrid Closed Captioning Manager, in a cost-effective model. The RadiantCoder also offers access to RadiantGrid’s third-party partners like Linear Acoustic and its AERO.qc algorithm, and Digital Vision and its Digital Vision Optics (DVO) packages for media processing. These join several add-ons available for the RadiantCoder, like Dolby E and Digital Cinema Packages.

“While the RadiantGrid Platform features robust and scalable options for file-based workflows, as the industry advances, we realize there are users who need much of this functionality in a smaller, more turnkey package,” explains Kirk Marple, president and chief software architect, RadiantGrid Technologies. “RadiantCoder gives these users access to some of our most popular transcoding and processing modules with the option to include additional modules for a more customized approach.”

Those users looking to add loudness control to their file-based workflow can take advantage of the new Linear Acoustic AERO.qc Loudness Correction Module (LCM). The Linear Acoustic module also features automatic upmixing from 2.0 to 5.1, and downmixing from 5.1 to 2.0. For those users wanting to support conversion of closed caption and ancillary data formats during transcoding, they can add the Closed Captioning Manager. Finally, with support from Digital Vision’s Digital Vision Optics (DVO) modules, users can run complex media processing functions like Inverse Telecine (IVTC) or motion compensated standards conversion models.

The RadiantGrid Multiplatform Transcoding functionality supports transcoding for virtually every format in the market today, especially those more complex broadcast formats, like MXF (Op1a, AS-03 and AS-02), GXF, and LXF. Additionally, while these conversions are taking place, RadiantGrid has added its Program Assembly functionality so users can join content segments, stitch black and/or remove black or content segments during the processing of the video. All of this includes the RadiantGrid Content Management module for managing assets within the RadiantCoder. This allows for the searching of assets, automatic indexing of metadata, adding of additional metadata, and setting of global and explicit aging policies on assets or its transcoded renditions.