Final Cut Users 'Get' Bundled with Av3 Software's New Production Power Packs


Production Power Packs designed to maximize workflows at minimum cost; first power pack couples Get with Boris AAF Transfer for editors working with both Final Cut Pro and Media Composer

Boston, MA – April 6, 2011 – AV3 Software, developer and distributor of unique and innovative workflow tools for digital media, is pleased to introduce to the creative community its brand new Production Power Packs: bundled software designed to maximize workflow and production quality at minimum cost. To kick-start the Production Power Pack initiative, AV3 Software partnered with Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated graphics and effects technology for the broadcast, post-production, film, and multimedia markets. This first specially priced package bundles AV3 Software’s Get dialog search application powered by Nexidia with Boris AAF Transfer for a unique search-and-transfer combination for any editing environment within Apple® Final Cut Pro® and Avid® Media Composer®.

Boris AAF Transfer is a unique bi-directional sequence transfer tool, allowing editors to easily exchange projects that include transitions, effects, image and time warps, 3rd-party effects, and keyframes between Final Cut Pro and Avid editing and finishing systems. The AV3 and Boris FX Production Power Pack provides editors with the ability to quickly and efficiently transition projects between NLEs, preserving not only the valuable dialog “hits” from Get, but all metadata—from transitions to 3rd-party effects, and more.

“We realize the reality of today’s market—where more and more editors and facilities have mixed environments in terms of tools to get their jobs done. With AV3 Production Power Packs, we are looking to deliver the benefits of Get to editors of all platforms and pair our unique product with logical counterparts to maximize workflow efficiency at minimum cost,” says Doug Hynes, Director of Products, AV3 Software. “Kicking-off our Production Power Pack program with Boris FX AAF Transfer is the perfect combo to generate excitement about our new initiative and introduce editors to the time-saving, production-enhancing qualities of Get. Offering these unique packs to editors at a substantial price reduction is our way of helping to improve the editing workflow and augment production outcomes in all editing levels and environments.”

AV3 Production Power Packs

AV3 Software’s Production Power Packs are cleverly packaged to provide maximum workflow advantages and boost editing performance. Each pack combines AV3’s unique dialog search tool, Get, with a unique editing counterpart that exists within the market. Each Production Power Pack is logically combined to expand the user’s editing arsenal, enhancing skill-sets and amplifying system capabilities. Offered at a substantial price reduction of existing retail costs, AV3 Production Power Packs give editors the most bang for their buck, maximizing potential while minimizing dollars spent.

Availability and Pricing

AV3 Software’s first Production Power Pack consisting of Get (list price $249 US) and Boris AAF Transfer (list price $299 US) is available now for $299 US, a savings of $249 US. International conversion rates apply for all sales outside of the US. Production Power Packs are sold exclusively at AV3 Software’s web store at

About Get

Get powered by Nexidia works hand-in-hand with Final Cut Pro and is designed to help editors become more efficient in searching for footage via the spoken word. Communicating directly with Final Cut Pro, Get derives sequences and clip metadata and indexes the associated media files, making them ready to search within. Select items are then exported directly to Final Cut Pro either as new clips with markers or markers into existing clips. Get is revolutionizing the editing workflow:

• Provides access to the speed and accuracy of phonetic search technology.

• Allows users to input search terms as they sound, bypassing spelling errors and mismatches with logged metadata.

• Combines dialog and NLE metadata searches, as well as dialog and desktop metadata searches.

• Provides users with the ability to pre-select content to be used within editing application and projects.

• Editors can find content that already exists within a project, whether it resides in bins, clips, sub-clips, or sequences.

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About Boris AAF Transfer

Boris AAF Transfer provides a set of two Final Cut Pro plug-ins for transferring sequences between Final Cut Pro and Avid editing and finishing systems. One of the plug-ins exports Avid-compatible AAF format files from Final Cut Pro to Avid. The other plug-in imports AAF format files from Avid to Final Cut Pro.

Using Boris AAF Transfer, Avid and Final Cut Pro editors can exchange projects that include transitions, effects, image and time warps, 3rd-party effects, and keyframes. Avid’s AMA architecture gives Avid users direct access to many popular QuickTime formats, while Final Cut Pro users can access Avid MXF files using Calibrated Software’s Calibrated{Q} MXF Import for OS X. Boris AAF Transfer supports online and offline workflows.

About AV3 Software

AV3 Software is a publisher of innovative digital media tools for post-production and broadcasters, as well as a one-stop shop for purchasing software for digital content creators at guaranteed best prices. AV3 offers instant access, 24/7 electronic license download, online support, and a single source for product information and secure transaction processing for motion graphics, graphics, and visual fx. The company has a strong manifesto that the future of software distribution is electronic, and that shipping software in cardboard and plastic is environmentally unfriendly and a waste of the planet’s resources. AV3 has offices in the UK and US and aims to provide outstanding service and products to its customers.

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