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The Resolve® R-100 Brings the Power of da Vinci to Everyone

IBC2008, AMSTERDAM — Sept. 12, 2008 — At IBC2008, da Vinci Systems unveiled its new Resolve® R-100, a fully upgradable, cost-effective version of the powerful Resolve R-series family of digital mastering suites and designed specifically for boutique post houses, production studios, and television broadcasters.

“da Vinci has always been known in the industry for its dedication to the high-end post-production market, so the Resolve R-100 may take some people by surprise,” said Dean Lyon, director of marketing at da Vinci. “In fact, what we’re doing with the R-100 is enabling a broader range of facilities to own a da Vinci system to take advantage of a superb color corrector with da Vinci power, quality, features, and support. For those who have always aspired to own a da Vinci, now they can.”

The Resolve R-100 is a full-featured, nonlinear image processor that can handle 4K resolution and fits seamlessly into existing digital workflows, including post houses that principally perform editing or VFX work. Like all Resolve suites, the R-100 is capable of running a telecine and operating from a shared database to enhance workflow efficiency. Because it is a single-workstation solution, the R-100 can be deployed effectively by a post house or production studio wanting a second Resolve suite for an assistant or for quality control work. For broadcasters, the R-100 will prove particularly valuable because of the amazing speeds it achieves when processing HD images.

The Resolve R-100 comes loaded with a full toolkit of features - including PowerWindows™- and has been designed to be upgraded easily and cost effectively to the level of any of the higher-end systems in the Resolve R-series family. The R-100 is available for immediate shipment. The new R-100 can be seen in action by visiting da Vinci at IBC, stand 7.31C, through Sept. 16. And don’t miss the technology demonstration of the new R-700, the world’s fastest color enhancement and image processing system, illustrating da Vinci’s drive to high performance and usability.

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About da Vinci Systems®, LLC

da Vinci Systems, a JDSU company, is the leading provider of color enhancement and image restoration products used in post-production facilities worldwide. Incorporating the company's Emmy® Award-winning technology, da Vinci's products support SDTV, HDTV, data, and digital film. Since the introduction of the company's first color corrector in 1984, da Vinci has been a front-runner in the field of image enhancement, shaping color enhancement into the vital role it holds in post-production today. The company is headquartered in Coral Springs, Fla., with offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, France, Germany, and Singapore.