Inlet Technologies Announces Participation in a Coalition of Industry Leaders Supporting WebM and VP8

Inlet Technologies, the leader in innovative solutions for digital media preparation, today announced its support for WebM, an open web media project and the open sourcing of VP8. Inlet joins Google, Mozilla, Opera, YouTube and other major software and hardware manufacturers in making today’s WebM and VP8 announcements.

“A key factor in the web’s success is that its core technologies are open and freely implementable. Video is fundamental to the web experience, and developers and content publishers need an open video format option,” said Mike Jazayeri, Group Product Manager at Google. “We are excited Inlet Technologies is joining a broad coalition of industry leaders supporting the WebM project to bring a new era of open innovation in web video.”

“Inlet is committed to ensuring that our customers have the flexibility they need for their real-time and on demand programming, and we are building VP8 support into our entire suite of solutions, including our SpinnakerTM live streaming appliances and Armada high-volume transcoding system.” explained John Bishop, senior vice president of product and business development, Inlet Technologies. “We aim to reduce any ambiguity and complexity for our customers by future proofing their investments with solutions that support a variety of technology options and business models.”

As one of the first to support WebM and VP8, Inlet builds on its reputation as an industry innovator including recognition as:

• The first to demonstrate built-in support for fully-automated ad insertion for live streaming.

• The first to enable Apple® HTTP live streaming of high-quality video to the iPhoneTM, iPod® Touch®, and iPadTM.

• The first to support adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming for Microsoft and Adobe platforms.

• The first to market with a professional live streaming appliance to output Flash, VC-1 and Silverlight streams simultaneously.

• The first to market with support for PlayReady DRM.

• The first to market with 3D Silverlight and web 3D encoding.

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