LAS VEGAS, APRIL 6, 2011 — Kirk Marple, president, chief software architect of RadiantGrid Technologies, developer of leading-edge transcoding, transformation and new media automation service platforms, will be sharing his industry experience with attendees at this year’s PBS Tech Conference as a participant in the “Nuts & Bolts of Transcoding,” presentation taking place on Thursday, April 7, at 4:30 p.m. in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Moderated by Wendy Allen, Vice President, Media Operations and Engineering, PBS, this session is designed to review the basics of transcoding and takes a look at how transcoding works, what the process is and what the pitfalls are. This session takes a look at what you should expect from digital generation loss and how the industry best deals with these problems; what are the common problems when setting up a transcoding environment, when to use human QC versus automated QC products, and learning what purchasing questions and decisions need to be addressed.

“With this session, we’re hoping to address many of the questions and concerns industry professionals are facing today with regard to transcoding,” explains Marple. “Now we have an opportunity to take what can sometimes be a tough subject and shed some light on it with a detailed and informative discussion about the complete process of transcoding a file, as well as the proper managing, processing and workflow model needed in order to achieve the best performance and volume.”

Topics covered in the “Nuts & Bolts of Transcoding” session will include: Understanding the low-level demuxing and parsing of a file, how files are broken out for transcoding, parallel processing and transwrapping. Also, the session will examine what an integrated file-based workflow is and its key components and stages, including the use of metadata, storage management and proper reporting.

RadiantGrid’s TrueGridTM transcoding technology allows users to transcode files faster than other platforms. RadiantGrid accepts many media archive essence formats and ingestion container formats, such as Avid DNxHD, Avid IMX50, MPEG-2 Long GOP, GXF and MXF Op-Atom and Op1a. From any of these container formats, RadiantGrid can deliver content to broadband, mobile, cable and broadcast formats and standards such as Microsoft Silverlight (VC-1), H.264, CableLabs 1.1 MPEG-2, QuickTime DVCPRO-HD, Flash On2 VP6, 3GPP and the Apple iPhone.

About RadiantGrid Technologies:RadiantGrid Technologies is an independent software vendor which develops and markets the RadiantGrid™ Platform – a leading-edge media workflow services platform targeting Broadcast & Cable Operators, Content Owners, Advertising Vendors, Digital Cinema Companies, and User-Generated Content Portals. The RadiantGrid Platform provides media transformation capabilities including grid-enabled transcoding, multi-format transcoding, multi-track assembly, standards conversion, and closed caption extraction and upconversion, in addition to metadata management, storage management, and media publishing.

For more information about RadiantGrid Technologies, visit www.radiantgrid.com.