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SSL Introduces Mobile Asset Management Interface for Journalists and News Producers

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS—At IBC, world-leading media technology innovator Solid State Logic (SSL), demonstrated how Gravity Mobile Browse reduces the need for journalists and media managers to remain deskbound to view and approve material.

Gravity Mobile Browse is a browser application for handheld devices that enables journalists and media managers anywhere in the world to access the central Gravity content control system to view media or find a clip, approve the material for use, and add a time stamp and signature. Editors and journalists are also able to add edit points such as ‘Mark in’ and ‘Mark out’ and assign media to other journalists or team members. Gravity creates frame-accurate proxy copies that can be streamed to a mobile device, or moved as a file locked to high resolution media. This brings office search tools to the mobile device so that media can be viewed and reviewed anywhere in the world.

Gravity Mobile Browse is one of a number of applications within SSL’s Gravity platform, a complete content acquisition, management and distribution solution, aimed at fast news production. In an environment where access to media over 3G or Wi-Fi networks can mean the difference between breaking news and a follow-on story, the ability to view and approve media on fly has never been more important to ensure a story is first to air.

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