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Final Cut Pro Dialog Search Solution 'Get' Takes Center Stage at Second Annual London SuperMeet

AV3 Software brings Get - Top Apple Staff Pick - to UK’s creative community

London, UK – June 2, 2011 –AV3 Software, developer and distributor of unique and innovative workflow tools for the creative community, is pleased to announce its presence at the upcoming Second Annual London SuperMeet at the Kensington Conference & Event Centre in London on Thursday, June 23, 2011. The FCPUG SuperMeets are the largest gatherings of Final Cut® editors, HDSLR filmmakers, digital content creators, and Gurus on the planet. AV3 Software will showcase its award-winning dialog search tool for Final Cut Pro® editors, Get, for SuperMeet attendees. “We hear over and over again that one of the most time-consuming tasks is finding the right shot when editing, and that being able to search footage based on the spoken word is key . . . which makes a tool like Get absolutely essential. The time saved in just one project pays for the product itself,” comments Doug Hynes, director of products, AV3 Software. “The UK plays host to one of the most creative communities in the world. We are excited to participate in the London SuperMeet event and showcase the many ways you can leverage Get to improve your production. From one-man bands dealing with hundreds of hours of material to full-blown production studios that want to better utilize assistants’ time with managing media, Get dramatically accelerates any project’s workflow.”

Get, the dialog search tool for FCP editors, is used by a wide range of professionals around the world, from documentary editors to filmmakers, TV production studios, and more. Vito Milazzo is one such user who has been blown away by Get’s capabilities. As head of post at Fulwell 73 Productions, an independent London-based production company specializing in a mix of commercial and innovative TV and film productions, Vito recently purchased a rental copy of Get, which dramatically cut down the amount of time he spent compiling footage on his latest project. “Get from AV3 Software is an essential tool for professional editing,” says Vito. “It’s a guaranteed timesaver, pinpointing exactly where and when a quote can be found.”

The Second Annual London SuperMeet will commence on Thursday, June 23, 2011, at the Kensington Conference & Event Centre in London. Doors open at 16:30 for the SuperMeet Digital Showcase, featuring 18 vendors and plenty of networking opportunities. Early-bird tickets are on sale now for just £10.00. For more information on registration, ticket options, and a full schedule of events, please visit:

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About Get

Get works hand-in-hand with Final Cut Pro® and is designed to help editors become more efficient when searching via the spoken word for footage. Communicating directly with Final Cut Pro®, Get derives sequences and clip metadata as well as indexes the associated media files, making them ready for searching within. Select items then are exported directly to Final Cut Pro® either as new clips with markers or markers into existing clips. Get is revolutionizing the editing workflow:

• Provides access to the speed and accuracy of phonetic search technology.

• Allows users to input search terms as they sound, bypassing spelling errors and mismatches with logged metadata.

• Combines dialog and NLE metadata searches, as well as dialog and desktop metadata searches.

• Provides users with the ability to pre-select content to be used within editing application and projects.

• Editors can find content that already exists within a project, whether it resides in bins, clips, sub-clips, or sequences.

About AV3 Software

AV3 Software is a publisher of innovative digital media tools for post-production and broadcasters, as well as a one-stop shop for purchasing software for digital content creators at guaranteed best prices. AV3 offers instant access, 24/7 electronic license download, online support, and a single source for product information and secure transaction processing for motion graphics, graphics, and visual fx. The company has a strong manifesto that the future of software distribution is electronic and that shipping software in cardboard and plastic is environmentally unfriendly, as well as a waste of the planet’s resources. AV3 has offices in the UK and the USA and aims to provide outstanding service and products to its customers.

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