Vector 3 to exhibit new IT-based Vector MultiPlay playout automation solution at Broadcast Asia 2010

Broadcast Asia 2010 Previews

Advanced playout and redundancy management capabilities optimize backup infrastructure and resources for multichannel operations

Barcelona, Spain – May 26, 2010Vector 3™, a pioneer in graphics and playout solutions, announced today plans to showcase the company’s innovative flagship multichannel playout solution, Vector MultiPlay, alongside its channel-in-a-box version, VectorBox, at the Broadcast Asia exhibition, held in Singapore from June 15 – 18, 2010 on the Southeast Asia System Integrator booth - Benchmark Systems - Stand 7E4-01.

Based on IT hardware, Vector MultiPlay incorporates over 20 years of Vector 3 playout technology, including the full-range of Master Control Room capabilities, integrated Effects Engine, and dynamic Channel Branding with an integrated universal file format player that supports all SD/HD formats simultaneously. Designed to optimize redundancy management for multi-channel broadcasters, the innovative distributed MultiPlay architecture enables engineers to precisely target redundancy and backup priorities, reducing the need for costly server mirroring and improving performance of multi-channel playout. Modular in design, the advanced MultiPlay product line supports IT-based facilities ensuring scalability and flexibility for future channel and program expansion. “With Vector MultiPlay, broadcasters have more control over playout and redundancy management than ever; its highly configurable architecture allows for the reconfiguration of MultiPlay applications to adapt to any channel playout and back up requirement without adding resources and hardware,” said Roman Ceano, general manager of Vector 3. “Because Vector MultiPlay reduces both hardware and human resources required to manage large-scale, multichannel operations, broadcasters can truly optimize their budgets while increasing productivity through capital investments elsewhere.”

Highlights of Vector 3 Playout Automation Technology

• Centralized control and monitoring for multiple or unlimited channels

• SD/HD simulcasting with real-time upscaling and downscaling

• Play multiple video compressions and wrapper formats back-to-back

• Exceptional graphics with full effects engine

• IT compatible

• 1000 broadcast installations around the world

In addition to showcasing the new Vector MultiPlay product line, Vector 3 will demonstrate the all-in-one VectorBox™ server version with advanced features such as SD/HD Simulcasting. “VectorBox incorporates the powerful capabilities of Vector MultiPlay within one single server chassis,” says Ceano. “The cost-effectiveness of VectorBox, paired with its outstanding performance and management features, provides broadcasters looking to deploy 1 or 2 channels with an incredible price performance value proposition.” As with the Vector MultiPlay solution, the fully integrated all-in-one VectorBox system pairs high-quality master control room features with third-generation channel branding and integral use of real time RSS & XML updates for all metadata, guaranteeing compatibility across all databases and file systems. With over 1,000 systems installed around the world, its scalability, unparalleled redundancy and guaranteed compatibility combine to make VectorBox the paramount playout solution technology in the industry.

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About Vector 3

The Vector 3 team commands over 25 years of experience in developing leading graphics and playout solutions for broadcast. Boasting an impressive client list of over 900 broadcasters worldwide, Vector’s legendary solutions for playout are world-renowned for their unparallel reliability, tremendous scalability and outstanding performance.

Since its launch in the mid 1980’s, Vector 3 has focused its research and development on IT technologies for the broadcast industry. Their long-standing experience with process timing over computer platforms has given them exceptional expertise in developing on-air solutions that deliver broadcast timed playout with stunning image quality and active station branding.

The range of Vector 3 solutions and applications are implemented by today’s premier System Integrators, serving stations from the small one channel operation to the multi-site, multi-channel broadcaster. For more information, please visit:

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