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AXON’s modular infrastructure and communications system Synapse was enhanced with a dual background input 3Gb/s, HD, SD downstream keyer: the GDK100.

This module has 4 triple rate (SD, HD, 3Gb/s) inputs: 2 background inputs, 1 fill input and 1 key input. It also has 4 triple rate outputs: 2 program outputs, 1 preview output and a user definable output (program, preview or modified key output). Depending on the connector panel you have either Ethernet (for easy and fast card upgrading) or GPI control (over RJ45).

Features are:

• 2 selectable background inputs

• Key input

• Fill input

• Self key

• The 4th output can be software configured for any output task: program, preview or

modified key output.

• Adjustable slice level and transparency (with definable modified key monitor output)

• Preview output for content verification prior to go on air

• Transparent for 16 channels of embedded audio

• Transparent for all ANC data

As with most of the new Synapse modules the keyer is also available in a SD or HD/SD version which both can be future upgraded to handle 3GB/s.

“The GDK100 can be used as a downstream keyer for external logo generated keying and other graphical overlay keying”, says Peter Schut AXON’s CTO. “This is the first step into a full modular based Master Control / Branding system”

For more details please check out AXON’s website: