Harris' Virtual NAB

With today’s totally unreasonable travel costs, Harris (exhibiting this year at NAB booth N2502) decided to allow all of us editors to stay at home and listen to its pre-NAB press conference via the telephone. Given that I often have to fly US Airways, where every bag costs $15 and even a carbonated beverage costs $2, staying home is okay with me!

This year’s NAB Show attendees are going to be focused on two things: improved efficiency (fewer people doing more) and building new revenue streams. Harris plans to address both needs.

Harris’ MPH platform, which includes the company's NetVX video networking systems and the software-definable Apex M2X exciter, brings together a suite of products to support broadcasters’ desires to provide over-the-air transmission to a variety of consumer mobile devices.

Harris will demonstrate a single, multiplatform transmission solution based on the company's new Maxiva DTV transmitters and its MPH platform. The Maxiva transmitters comprise a new range of compact, efficient liquid-cooled (high-power) and air-cooled (low-power) UHF transmitters. The MPH platform can be installed inside Maxiva and other Harris DTV transmitters to create the industry's most compact multiplatform transmission solution, delivering DTV, HDTV and mobile DTV services together on the same channel bandwidth.

To help broadcasters increase online revenue with integrated broadcast and Web campaigns, Harris will demonstrate Dynacast, which provides a two-screen, interactive viewing experience for TV audiences. The platform allows broadcasters to synchronize Web content with live and prerecorded programming. This strategic approach to online content delivery connects the broadcaster's channel and brand to the Internet, creating a compelling new way to engage audiences through an enhanced viewing experience. Best of all, it can generate revenue through cross-promotion of on-air and online media.

New NEXIO browse suite solutions will be demonstrated. Built from a comprehensive portfolio of tools that facilitate H.264 proxy viewing and editing, the solution eliminates the need for a complex baseband infrastructure for proxy storage and management. The suite is part of the compnay's NewForce HD/SD news platform. It includes all the tools necessary to generate, view and edit low-res proxy files across a storage area network.

New for Harris at this year’s show is its “Virtual NAB.” Visitors to the Harris Web site will have access to live video feeds from the show floor, online demonstrations, a schedule of live presentations by workflow experts and selected excerpts from Harris presenters at the Broadcast Engineering Conference. So, if you are one of the many who can’t attend this year’s convention, at least you can view new product information and live demonstrations from the Harris booth.

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