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AmberFin launches new iCR Format Convertor, First sales made to major European broadcaster

AmberFin today announces the launch of the new iCR Format Convertor as part of its award-winning iCR software range. The launch comes with initial sales of five Format Convertors to major European broadcasters.

The iCR Format Convertor is designed to support the increasing need for broadcast file based workflows which require up-converting existing content from 576i to 720p or 1080i for HD transmission. The iCR Format Convertor is also specifically relevant for companies looking to take advantage of HD web delivery, which uses primarily 720p but has recently started to require 1080p. A range of other up, down and cross conversion modes also appeal to post-production houses in need of all-round high quality file format conversion.

The iCR Format Convertor is ideal for use in a file-based workflow. Old fashioned hardware format convertors can need a device to turn the incoming files into video and then another device to convert video back into files. The result is three purchases of three separate devices. By contrast, the iCR Format Convertor completes all process in one software application and also includes a fully featured transcoding toolset. This allows users to work with a much bigger range of input and output file formats than those available with a hardware format convertor.

The iCR Format Convertor also includes motion compensated SD standards conversion at no extra cost.

Independent research by Contentinople has show that viewer perception of quality is a key business driver, especially in web and mobile. Previous research by User Analytics also confirms the importance of quality. Key determining factors include the ability to see detail: skin tones, hair, texture and movement are all psychological cues to content quality.

Bruce Devlin, CTO of AmberFin, says: “Our customers have been crying out for a software product that delivers the picture quality of a top-end hardware format convertor. With iCR they can now get both and we have delivered it for no additional charge. Broadcasters must be able to provide high quality if they are to make the most of the new revenue streams offered by new formats. We can deliver that quality in a cost effective open architecture approach that fits seamlessly into file based workflows”.

The iCR Format Convertor is available now.

About AmberFin

AmberFin enables content owners to maximize the value of their TV, film and video content, from capture through to distribution, while increasing revenues, reducing costs, saving time and eliminating incompatibility issues. AmberFin iCR, with award winning technology, plays a key role in turning the content that owners have into the content their customers want. As an open standard, future proof platform that digitizes and transforms new and archived content, AmberFin iCR delivers the best quality pictures at smaller file sizes across multiple delivery platforms, including the Internet, VoD, TV, mobile and other small screen devices. AmberFin already has 100s of iCR systems in the field, and is trusted by some of the world’s most prestigious companies including Sony, NBA, Turner Broadcasting, BT, Channel 4, RTM and Warner Brothers, managing the digitization and repurposing of their content.

AmberFin is privately held by Advent Venture Partners and headquartered in Basingstoke, UK. More information is available at:

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