Matrox Developer Product Announcements at NAB 2008 - Booth SL320


Matrox X.mio2 - cost-effective broadcast platform delivers powerful multi-layer realtime HD compositor/scaler, single-link 3G SDI support, and up to 4-in/4-out HD from a single card.

Matrox X.AVCio - featuring a high-quality, realtime, onboard H.264 hardware codec for HD and SD as well as a full complement of professional video/audio inputs and outputs, this is an ideal card for IP video streaming and medical media server applications.

Linux Software Development Kit - designed to enable rapid application development, the Matrox DSX SDK for Linux provides a common API across the entire DSX family of hardware components. A single development effort lets OEMs create a variety of products at different levels to suit their target customers.


Sony XDCAM HD 50 Mbps Support - the Matrox DSX family of developer products now supports ingest and playout of Sony XDCAM®HD 50 Mbps MXF files for enhanced HD production workflow.

Native MOV File Support - the Matrox DSX family of developer products now provides native support for the MOV file format. OEMs can take advantage of Matrox‘s high-performance, high-quality FLEX codecs for DV25, DV50, DVCPRO HD, and animation RLE (run length encoding) to achieve realtime performance for HD and SD MOV files in a PC environment.


Bitcentral‘s Précis Digital News Production System Based on X.mio Card

Bitcentral, Inc. has integrated the Matrox X.mio card as the hardware engine for Précis, its revolutionary digital news production system. Précis delivers a fully integrated, end-to-end, open architecture solution that eliminates videotape and dozens of costly, time-consuming steps in the news management workflow. Broadcast news stations, such as WINK-TV in Ft. Myers, FL, greatly benefit from Précis‘ unique features.

Booth SL7720. Uses X.mio in POINT-HD Telestrator has chosen the Matrox X.mio card as the hardware engine for its POINT-HD high definition broadcast telestrator. POINT-HD is popular with sports, news, and weather commentators in broadcast facilities worldwide, including BskyB, BBC, CH5, Newscorp (FOX), ART, MBC, SBS, and NTV+, as it allows them to easily tell their stories live on air. They can annotate, draw, place, and move animated graphics over live video, using a touch screen. The user interface can be customized to suit individual preferences, allowing non-technical presenters to use the tools effectively with minimal training. Customized graphics can be imported and used as tools within the presenter‘s interface, giving any program its own unique look and feel.

Booth SL11005

Matrox DSX-based Newauto Products To Be Used For Chinese Information Display Systems at 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Newauto has adopted the Matrox X.mio card as the hardware engine for its Mariana 5D online graphics system. Already deployed by broadcasters throughout China including China Central Television, Beijing Television, Tianjin Television, Hunan Television, and Xiamen Television, Mariana 5D is used to create and playback realtime high-quality 3D graphics for HD and SD programming. The Mariana products and technologies will be used in many venues at the Beijing Olympic Games to provide Chinese information display systems.

NIXUS Hokkaido Nikko Telecommunications Co., Ltd. Chooses X.Mio2 for 3D-NIXUS xf Realtime On-Air 3D Graphics System

NIXUS Hokkaido Nikko Telecommunications Co., Ltd. has adopted the Matrox X.mio2 card as the hardware engine for 3D-NIXUS xf, its realtime on-air 3D graphics system for virtual studio and character generator applications.

Booth SL11212

Matrox Axio LE and Matrox Developer Products Are Integral Components of Full-Digital Broadcast Installation at South Korea-based OBS Kyung-in TV

OBS Kyung-in TV, a newly established terrestrial broadcasting company in South Korea, has chosen Matrox-based HD content creation and delivery systems for its 100% tapeless environment. OBS has recently begun transmitting full HD video signals for news, drama, sports, and entertainment programs produced by its fully networked digital production and playout system which it calls NBS (Networked Broadcast System). IBM Korea was a main contractor, providing the industry-standard IBM software, hardware, and business/technology services that enables the facility to be fully networked. Key components of the NBS include 30 Matrox Axio LE realtime HD editing systems as well as 10 Matrox-based ingest servers from D2net and 20 Matrox-based VisualCG systems from Visual Research Inc. Other broadcast equipment vendors collaborated and customized their solutions to meet OBS requirements including Sony, Quantel, and Omneon.

Pro-Bel Chooses X.mio2 for Morpheus Integrated Content Engine

Pro-Bel has chosen the Matrox X.mio2 card as the hardware engine for its Morpheus Integrated Content Engine. Morpheus ICE is a self contained and fully scalable playout automation system with a fully featured video/audio mixer with built-in video and audio clip playing facilities. Each physical unit provides sufficient functionality for one broadcast transmission channel. Multiple units can be connected to network-attached storage.

Booth SU12712

Servizi Informatici S.r.l Exploits the Power of Matrox DSX Developer Products in SI media Platform

Servizi Informatici S.r.l, doing business under the name SI media, has chosen the Matrox DSX line of developer products as the hardware engine for its complete series of broadcast traffic, playout automation, media asset management, and newsroom solutions. More than 110 regional and national broadcasters including AL Watan TV (Kuwait), TVR (Romania), SIGE (Italy), and RTV38 (Italy) use the SI media platform for more than 238 channels on air 24/7.

Visual Research Inc. Chooses Matrox DSX Developer Products for VisualCG 3D Realtime Broadcast Graphics System

South Korea-based Visual Research Inc. has adopted the Matrox DSX platform as the hardware engine for VisualCG 3D, its professional realtime HD/SD 3D character generator with advanced 2D/3D titling and motion graphics effects. VisualCG 3D is used by terrestrial and cable broadcasters and post-production facilities to create sophisticated televison graphics and titles quickly and easily. MBC, one of the largest commercial broadcasters in South Korea, used VisualCG 3D for the successful HD broadcast of the 17th presidential election in December 2007.

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